(Clearwisdom.net) I am an eight-year old practitioner. I often see things in other dimensions. In the past, I told my mother and grandmother about them. Recently, I have seen more scenes in other dimensions and my fellow practitioners urged me to write them down. They hope that practitioners who do not take sending forth righteous thoughts seriously may be inspired. My grandmother wrote this while I dictated.

On Sunday last week, I sent forth righteous thoughts with my mother, grandmother, and auntie. I saw small Faluns spinning next to each of us. After a while, the small Faluns became big Faluns sitting high above each of our heads. Each Falun emitted a myriad of golden rays to destroy evil beings (some of which looked like human-shaped robots, others looked like bugs, and yet some looked like skeletons.) At this moment, the golden rays shone to many prisons, connecting practitioners in the prisons. Then, as the time for sending righteous thoughts was about to end, I saw countless small Faluns spinning and filling the space surrounding the prisons.

At 7 o'clock, we again sent forth righteous thoughts together. This time, I saw the large Falun emitting a myriad of golden rays. It formed a big bag which swallowed and destroyed all the evil beings. Those evil beings had a nicer appearance this time. Some of them tried to talk to me, some tried to wink at me, and one of them tried to save smaller evil beings. Yet, it could not save itself. One tried to throw bombs in the air but the large Falun's golden rays destroyed the bombs in the air so they didn't have any effect.