(Clearwisdom.net) On July 7, 2007, the International Chinese Classical Dance Competition semifinals concluded, with twenty-two dancers selected for the finals on the following day. Audience members from both East and West praised the expressive capability and divine connotation of Chinese dance. Ms. Cao Yi, Vice Secretary of the evaluation committee, said that NTDTV's Chinese classical dance competition is a grand event and hoped that everyone would take the initiative to spread and pass down the essence of Chinese culture.

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Contestant #47

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Contestant Jennifer performs a dance showing the resolute and gentle beauty of a woman from ancient times who is adept at martial arts and chivalrous conduct. She explained that the figure seems like Mulan or Mu Guiying in Chinese history. On the battlefield, they were valiant and showed military might; at home, they exhibited their gentle beauty.

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Contestant Cindy Liu presents the dance "Plum", which shows steadfastness and endurance in the face of the cold wind. There is intense resistance and delight in overcoming the cold weather.

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A contestant dancing

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Contestant dancing

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The semifinals of the International Chinese Classical Dance Competition concludes. The list shows those selected for the final competition

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Dancer Chen Jiaqi has high praise for the dance competition

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This couple wanted to buy tickets for the final competition after watching the semifinals, but all tickets for the final had been sold out

The twenty-two dancers competing in the finals are from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Canada, and the US. They said that they cherished the opportunity to exchange with dancers from around the world and appreciated NTDTV's efforts to provide such a chance. Some dance teachers see the competition as a way to spread Chinese culture and a milestone in young people's dance careers. Some teachers said that the competition inspired them to find new directions.

Evaluation Committee: Taking responsibility to spread and pass down the essence of Chinese culture

Ms. Cao Yi, Vice Secretary of the evaluation committee, said in the press conference after the semifinals that the dance competition was splendid and that the contestants performed very well with high levels of artistic skill. She said, "We are all gathered here to attend the International Chinese Classical Dance Competition. It seems coincidental, but it is a historical arrangement. We are all taking the responsibility to spread and pass down the essence of Chinese culture."

Chinese audience: First in world dancing

Businessman Mr. Qiu said that the competition was rich with various characteristics, and is the first to have dancers from around the world demonstrate their talent and skill.

New York resident Mr. Xu said after watching the semifinals, "The competition is very good. I was excited. Each dancer displayed his/her special skills. Chinese ancient culture was truly brought back. Without this competition, we would forget Chinese traditional culture."

New York resident Richard was excited after watching the semifinals. He said, "Seeing so many dancers displaying their skills, I feel that there are many talented dancers in Chinese classical dance. I think this is a very good opportunity to promote Chinese classical dance on the international stage and have western audiences truly understand Chinese dance, culture and art."

Western audience: Understanding Chinese culture through dance

One audience member, a lawyer, said that Chinese dance is understandable but hard to present in language. He thought that the competition was a good way to introduce Chinese culture to western people.

Another lawyer in the audience said that the dancers showed great skill. He saw different figures, mountains, water, and stories from the dances and further understood Chinese culture.

A singer indicated that the competition was meaningful to her. It was her first time to watch such a large scale Chinese dance competition. She said that it was a good opportunity to understand Chinese culture. Chinese dance has its own unique characteristics, rich presentation and extensive content.

A New York reporter said that from the dancers' performances, one could see their power and inner dignity. The were very creative.

An engineer said that Chinese dance is the essence of the Chinese people. It is worthy to promote as a bridge to link eastern and western cultures.

NTDTV is praised for its promotion of Chinese dance

Senior dancer Chen Yung-chia from Taiwan thought that the competition was a good beginning to spread and promote Chinese culture. Chen Yung-chia and Chang Hsiao-feng entered the finals.

Dancer Chen Yung-chia is well known in Taiwan dance circles. He said, "This is possibly my last chance to participate in competition. Though I have lots of experience, I am getting old and it is a challenge physically. Thus, I treasure the opportunity to attend this international competition and hope to have the perfect end for my dance career."

Chen Yung-chia and Chang Hsiao-feng said that they both benefited from exchange with specialists of Chinese dance around the world.

Two students, Luo Ming-chi and Chou Yu-hsuan, from Taiwan Ouyang Hui-chen Dance Group entered the finals. Ms. Ouyang Hui-chen said, "I am very happy to come to New York and share my skills with specialists and Chinese dancers from around the world. It is a milestone in a young person's dance career."

Ms. Ouyang Hui-chen hopes that the contestants get even better results and the competition will be successful. She also expressed appreciation for the host organization and said, "NTDTV spreads and promotes Chinese classical dance. We are touched."

Ms. Hsu Chiao-ling, Director of the Taiwan Culture Dance Troupe, said, "This event is meaningful. We treasure the opportunity to participate in the competition. Seeing everyone's appreciation of Chinese dance makes me appreciate NTDTV. I am inspired to think differently about Chinese dance."