(Clearwisdom.net) I obtained the Fa in 1997. I was persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and I fell behind in my cultivation because I was not clear on the Fa. When I realized my situation, I was determined to study the Fa diligently, but I often felt that I had deviated from the Fa. My cousin visited me this morning, and the heavy rain prevented him from leaving afterward. I was complaining to myself, "Heavens! Why doesn't the rain stop? This rain is preventing me from studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts."

I decided to order lunch from a restaurant at noon. There were over ten restaurants near my house. The one closest to my home sells meals and also offers prostitution, so the food is more expensive. I've never bought food from them, but since the rain was so heavy, I decided to buy food from the nearest one. The owner was in her thirties and wore heavy makeup. I picked up a few dishes and left in a hurry.

In the afternoon I needed to return the plates to the restaurant, so I brought with me the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party CD to let the girls watch it. I explained how Falun Dafa saves people, and told them that it is based on the principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." Before I even finished talking, one girl accepted the CD, as she already knew a lot about Dafa. Tears welled up in my eyes after I listened to her talk, and I immediately understood Master's arrangement. The tears cleared up my misconception, and Master gave me an opportunity to correct my snobbish mind. Master used the bad weather to let the girls in the restaurant have a chance to learn the truth.

I made a list of the girls who declared their withdrawal from the CCP and its affiliated organizations, but I could not maintain a peaceful mind. Fellow practitioners often looked down upon prostitutes. Did we ever consider that they might be forced into this kind of job in order to make a living? I wrote this article in order for those who hold the same kind of prejudice to learn from my experiences. In today's world, where the traditional Chinese culture and values have been destroyed by the CCP and society is full of violence and brutality, we must not hold any notions about only saving certain people. We must work hard to save every being that is savable!

Thank you Master for saving me. Fellow practitioners, please point out anything inappropriate.