(Clearwidsom.net) I studied Master's Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Singapore today and in it Master said,

"I often say this: When a person talks to someone else, if he points out that person's shortcomings or tells him something without attaching any personal notions, the other person will be moved to tears. If you don't have any personal agenda, don't seek to gain anything, don't even want to protect yourself, are genuinely well-intentioned, and think of the other person's sake, that person will really be able to see this heart of yours--no matter what kind of person he is. Yet many of us often fail to do our work this way and resort to mandates--that's unacceptable! That's not part of our Fa."

I was touched by those words of Master's. Recalling the past few years of clarifying the facts and telling people to quit the communist organizations, I found it true that when I went about doing things with no other thoughts than saving the people, the people I talked to were most likely to agree to quit. But sometimes when I had an unsteady mind and thought about protecting myself, the results were not as good.

The same is true with family members. My husband is convinced that Dafa is good, only sometimes he is afraid and tries to stop me from doing things that validate the Fa. When I talked to him I was always impatient, telling him, "Don't try to stop me. I won't let you even though you may try." I was always aggressive in my tone, wanted to prevail over him, and didn't want to look weak in front of him. I always wanted to order or force him to support Dafa and the things I do to validate Dafa. The result was obvious: he never obliged. So, I didn't pass this test in my family.

Now I have realized that it has been my problem; I have not treated him with compassion. The attitude of a being toward Dafa will determine his or her future. Since we are husband and wife in this life, it shows he is fated to encounter Dafa, and he came to the world for Dafa as well. I need to awaken his knowing side with the wisdom of a god. After all, he may be a Dafa disciple in the future era. I seemed to have seen the longing eyes of sentient beings in his corresponding cosmic bodies, and Dafa disciples are their only hope. I couldn't help but feel sad in my heart, and tears came to my eyes. What else couldn't be put down? What could be more important than saving people? From those thoughts, compassion arose within me toward my husband, and the clouds of resentment that had hung over me for days vanished.

Over dinner my husband and I talked about Dafa and about how Heaven means to wipe out the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I told him that everything happening now was a result of the cosmic change, and that Dafa disciples were validating the Fa and saving sentient beings. The effort to receive signals from NTD-TV was part of the process, and Dafa disciples had to move ahead, leading the changes. I said that everything had been arranged, and if everyone had fear and didn't move, nothing would have happened, and society would not move ahead. I said to him, "Everything I am doing now is for validating Dafa and saving sentient beings. While you cannot directly support us, don't interfere with what I am doing. That way, you are choosing a good future for yourself." He asked rhetorically, "Doesn't that mean you just do whatever you want to do?" I explained that there was a standard for the things I did. I did things according to the standard of Dafa and according to Master's requirement. I wouldn't act at will. My heart was peaceful as I said those words, and I kept a serene state of mind. He was silent, but accepted what I told him.

I want to thank Master for giving me hints and enabling me to enlighten. Relaxed, my husband chose a path of hope for the sentient beings in his corresponding cosmic bodies. Thus I passed the test at home that had been with me for too long.

I thought my sharing above might be of some help to fellow practitioners. Kindly correct anything inappropriate.