(Clearwisdom.net) The NTDTV International Chinese Classical Dance Competition will be held from this Friday to Sunday, July 6 to 8, 2007, in the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts at New York University in New York. While dancers from around the world are arriving in New York, dance professionals in the Asia Pacific region expressed their earnest wishes for the success of this world-class dance competition that will promote Chinese culture.

Chinese Dance Competition Has Historical and Practical Significance

Australian professional dance teacher Lili Fangting has taught dance for over 40 years and has deep feelings for Chinese dance. She believes that spreading Chinese traditional culture and arts to the world is a lofty and great endeavor.

She said: "As a Chinese, and especially as a person involved in dance, it is our responsibility to share the Chinese culture with the whole world. At the same time, we hope it will be perpetuated by those in the future. The coming International Chinese Classical Dance Competition has such historical and practical significance."

Lili Fangting expressed her hopes in the younger generation, saying she believes they are capable of paying more attention to learning about Chinese history. She hopes that they will help to grow Chinese traditional culture through the Dance Competition. She thinks that, as a Chinese, we must hand down China's glorious and outstanding culture. She regards this as a very urgent and important task.

Professor Xu Rongyi, the manager of World Ethnic Dance Research Institute and executive chairman of South Korea Capital Seoul International Dance Competition, said that the International Chinese Classical Dance Competition held by NTDTV has important significance, and it will be a major event in world dance history.

Dancing Competition Is a Bridge to World Peace

Malaysian dance teacher Zhuang Gengzhu has been doing cultural performance work for nearly 15 years and has abundant experience in dance, drama, and music drama. Zhuang Gengzhu thinks this dance competition is a bridge that will help lead to world peace. The competitors will not only be sharing consummate dance performances with the world, but also proving to the world that, besides China, other countries also have top-ranking Chinese dancers.

In addition, competition can also let nations worldwide learn more about the soul of Chinese dance and Chinese culture. It is a pioneering event in developing Chinese traditional culture.

A Wish for Great Success for the Chinese Classical Dance Competition

Hong Kong senior professional dance teacher Wu Xinyu has devoted herself to promoting Chinese dance for more than 30 years. She began to practice Chinese classical dance when she was 13 years old and personally established Yuandong Art Institute, Wu Xinyu Chinese Dance School, to popularize Chinese dance. She has judged Hong Kong public dance competitions many times.

She is all in favor of the International Chinese Classical Dance Competition, which will be held in New York. She said "I would love to attend the International Chinese Classical Dance Competition but regrettably cannot. It is great to spread Chinese traditional culture, let others know there is such great Chinese culture. Moreover, it may help encourage people who like Chinese dance. If they go to practice, it will change their entire appearance."

In regard to the CCP's suppression of the NTDTV Dance Competition, Wu Xinyu encouraged NTDTV to hold the line. Although she is too old to participate in the competition, she said she would tell her students and friends about the competition. She wished the Chinese Classical Dance Competition great success in focusing Chinese traditional culture on the world stage.

The Dance Competition Is a Pioneering Event to Restore Chinese Culture

Ms. Luan Ling, who has taught art for over 20 years, said that Chinese dance helps people forget about sadness and worries in the human world. "In our fast-paced modern society, the profound meaning and supreme beauty of Chinese dance are fascinating. When language is not enough to express one's feelings, Chinese dance can express moral principles that conform to a high standard. Chinese dance can entertain people and also touch them spiritually. The International Chinese Classical Dance Competition is a pioneering event to restore Chinese culture."

The Dance Competition Counters the CCP's Evil Nature

Renowned Hong Kong democracy movement advocate Gu Sirao was a dance teacher when he was young. He thought that the dance competition would contribute to preserving traditional Chinese culture and also upgrade people's moral quality. "Dance is good for one's physical and mental wellbeing, and refined traditional Chinese culture can inspire people's consciences and encourage them to abandon unpleasantness." He said that although he was unable to take part in the competition due to the age limit, he would spread the good news to his former students.

Regarding the CCP's malicious interference with the dance competition, Gu Sirao said that passing on traditional Chinese culture is an attack on the CCP's evil nature. "The Communist Party puts special stress on all culture, including dance, drama, and other art forms. But not to enrich people with true history or for the sake of the nation's prosperity. It covers up and suffocates healthy dance and arts, and advocates only dance and drama that serve the Party."

Despite the CCP's destructive interference, elite dancers from around the globe have chosen to enthusiastically participate in the inaugural International Chinese Classical Dance Competition that will focus on authentic dance that promotes pure authenticity, pure goodness, and pure beauty.