(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to share my understanding on rescuing Wang Bo and her family. Moreover, I would like to extend the topic to rescuing all imprisoned Dafa practitioners in China.

Practitioners all over China have been concerned about the rescue of Wang Bo's family. Many of us have closely watched the progress although we are not directly involved in the rescue effort. As for our standpoint on the rescue, various practitioners' articles share a common understanding, which is that the rescue effort should be led by Dafa practitioners, instead of having too much reliance on (non-practitioner) lawyers. We should use righteous thoughts, instead of everyday people's actions. We should rely on the mighty power of Dafa, instead of relying on human laws.

The effects of the rescue have to a large extent validated Dafa and awed the evil. In particular, we made breakthroughs in getting lawyers to make a plea of innocent and defend it. In previous cases, either the lawyers dared not do so, or they did so without much of an impact. This time, however, six lawyers presented the plea of innocent and defended it in the name of, "Constitution is supreme, belief is innocent," in a firm and dignified way. As a result, the persecutors at the scene had no strength at all to defend themselves. This is unprecedented, and it will encourage more righteous lawyers to step forward to defend Dafa practitioners.

Our rescue efforts, however, did not result in the practitioners being set free in this situation. There were several reasons for that. One reason is the specifics of Wang Bo's case. Wang is an indirect witness to the staged "self-immolation." Thus the evil has put a great amount of effort into persecuting Wang Bo and her family. Luo Gan, the head of the central 610 Office, personally approached various levels of CCP administrations to meticulously arrange this persecution, and he mobilized unusually large numbers of police officers and various levels of Party officials to enforce the persecution. To thoroughly eliminate the evil, we need to maintain higher levels of xinxing, wisdom, and divine power and for a longer time.

Another reason is that the practitioners involved in the rescue were not mature enough as one body and did not persistently maintain righteous thoughts. For example, their statement of appreciation for the lawyers' defense was written with human thoughts, indicating that we did not keep righteous thoughts until all the evil was eradicated.

The third reason is that we did not give enough attention to helping Wang Bo's family improve xinxing, as the elevation of their xinxing level is the key to their being rescued. Meanwhile, since Master published the article "Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil," what we face is not simply rescuing Wang Bo's family, but we are to thoroughly eradicate evil from all the jails and dark dens and rescue all the imprisoned Dafa disciples.

What is our standpoint? Let Dafa control it all. Only Dafa can save sentient beings, and saving sentient beings is validating Dafa. In terms of rescuing fellow practitioners, we must correctly position the relationship between Dafa and human laws, and between Dafa disciples and lawyers. We may hire lawyers and cite legal clauses, but we should not be manipulated by them. Under all circumstances we should let Dafa influence all and have Dafa disciples lead all. Speaking of the law, Master said,

"The group of evil political scoundrels has never followed the law in dealing with Dafa disciples." ("Looking at Things with Righteous Thoughts")

Master also said,

"You are one body, just like Master's gong. Of course you and gong aren't the same thing, I'm just giving an example." ("Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Fa Conference")

Master analogizes Dafa disciples to His gong. By the same token, we can analogize those lawyers who have the courage to speak out about the facts of Falun Gong, as well as their defense statements, to Dafa disciples' Fa-implements that can eliminate evil. For example, the three open letters by lawyer Gao Zhisheng to expose the persecution of Falun Gong are like atomic bombs directed towards the evil beings. They greatly shocked the evil and therefore the evil fears and hates him.

We should never recognize the evil party's violation of the Constitution and wanton arrest of practitioners without real legal procedures. Of course, if the CCP truly implemented the law, the persecution would not exist. All their so-called "procedures" are to facilitate the persecution of practitioners, so we should use all of its procedures to clarify the facts and eliminate the evil with righteous thoughts.

To completely eliminate the dark dens imprisoning fellow practitioners, it is necessary to improve the effects of "truth clarification' and sending forth righteous thoughts. We must constantly study the Fa and rectify our every thought. Then we will be able to continuously improve our xinxing and have stronger righteous thoughts and divine powers. In addition, we must know how to make good use of righteous thoughts and divine powers. We already have methods like sending righteous thoughts in close proximity to the evil, co-ordinating relays, dividing up responsibilities, simultaneously sending righteous thoughts around the globe, etc. Moreover, we should dig out the root of evil. Take the case of Wang Bo's family as an example. After we cleared out the evil in the court and locally, we thought that this was enough and we developed complacency. We did not expect Luo Gan to interfere, and the court upheld the original verdict. If our own strength is not enough, it is necessary to ask for Master's help to strengthen our righteous thoughts. Some think that if we often seek Master's help, it is too troublesome to Master. I think what is truly troublesome is that we cannot remember to ask Master for help.

Additionally, practitioners inside and outside of jail should cooperate to dissolve the evil. To do this we should first help imprisoned practitioners to strengthen their righteous thoughts, and then we can use all means to deliver Dafa books and Master's new articles to them. Practitioners inside and outside of jail should cooperatively send righteous thoughts to fight the evil.

Above is my limited understanding, please kindly point out any improper points.

June 20, 2007