(Clearwisdom) I'm an older female practitioner from a city in Central China. I have practiced Falun Dafa for almost ten years. I'm sharing with you because I want to sing the praises of our great benevolent Teacher and spread Dafa. I would not be here if it were not for Teacher.

Ever Since I Began Cultivation Practice, I Have Been Returning to My True-self

I was born in the 1940's. I was an orphan, because my parents died. I was once taken to the countryside to do hard labor and I suffered many hardships. I've always considered myself a very capable person and refused to accept my fate. I felt that I lived a hard life. Thus I searched for a way out of this anguish. In 1996, I visited an ancient town, and found that my mother-in-law was practicing Falun Gong. After she told me about the practice, I borrowed a book from her. After I read the book, I changed my perception of life. I felt that this is what I had been looking for. Therefore, I began to practice, and have been constantly purifying my body and mind in Falun Dafa.

Ever since I began to practice, I placed great importance on studying the Fa. In my ten years of cultivation, I've read Zhuan Falun about one hundred times per year. Sometimes I read the entire book each day, and most of the time I finished reading it in two days. The more I read the more I wanted to read, and I didn't want to put it down. Now I sleep about three to four hours a day and I'm in a good state of mind. This is due to the power of Dafa and the mighty virtue of Teacher.

There are four to five townships where I live and there is hardly anyone who dares to practice openly amidst the persecution. Since the persecution began in 1999, I have not suffered greatly. Even when facing problems, I melted into the Fa taught by our revered Teacher and turned bad things into good things, and escaped from danger.

Fines Refunded Due to Sound Reasoning and Justifications

On October 11, 2000, several practitioners and I were distributing truth clarification materials during the evening. The police arrested three practitioners, but I escaped because I sent forth righteous thoughts. The next day, the police ransacked my house, confiscated my personal property, and took me to the police station. When they interrogated me, I replied while maintaining righteous thoughts, "You have broken the law because you are arresting people randomly. You have violated my human rights. Although you think you are enforcing the law, you are actually breaking the law. After I'm released, I will sue you and seek justice." They released me after one month of detention.

After I went home and corrected my frame of mind, I wrote a letter to the municipal public security bureau and told them about what had happened. I spoke of the crimes the police committed. I told them that I was fined without reason, and the money was taken without providing a receipt. I also wrote that the policemen beat female practitioners until they lost control of their bowels, and brutally beat one male practitioner.

In less than one week, I received a reply from the municipal public security bureau. They told me to go and ask for a refund from the police who illegally fined me. My success in obtaining a refund caused quite a stir in the local community. Many people asked my son, "What kind of connection does your family have?" My son, who does not practice, replied, "My family does not have any connections. My mother is quite aggressive and no one dares to mess with her." When my son told me what people said, I said to him, "Our family has someone backing us up. Teacher is the one who backs us up. It is Teacher who helped us." A month later, I received the refund of the fine and the money the township government had taken from my daughter-in-law.

Since then, Teacher's photo has hung in the main hall of my house. I also hang couplets of Dafa phrases every Chinese New Year and hold experience sharing meetings with other practitioners. The police no longer harass me.

With Teacher's Help, I Take Back What Belongs to Me

Because I hang Teacher's photo and couplets of Falun Dafa phrases in my home, the local deputy secretary of politics and law was rather disturbed. This year, she came to my home several times. She said that I display too many Falun Dafa items and asked me to put them away. I told her the truth about Falun Dafa. I explained that I'm spreading the Buddha Law and telling people to practice "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." I told her that there is nothing wrong with that. I said to her, "There are many people who have been to my house and said that our Teacher is young, righteous, and really great. They think that the Falun pictures are very beautiful." She noticed that I did not cooperate with her. On August 12, she sent about ten police officers to my house and they confiscated truth clarification materials, Dafa books, Teacher's photo, and Falun pictures.

After the incident, I looked within and sent righteous thoughts for two days and nights. On the morning of the third day, a magpie kept chirping at me, and I realized that Teacher wanted me to go to the police station to get my belongings back. Thus, I kept sending forth righteous thoughts on the way to the police station. At around noontime, everyone was in the office except the police chief. A policeman told me that he was out on business and asked me to come back in the afternoon. I accidentally discovered that my belongings were in one of the offices.

I sent forth righteous thoughts continuously on the way home, until two in the afternoon. Then I went back to the police station. This time, every office door was closed, except for the one where my belongings were, and there was no one inside the room. I took the large package containing my belongings and walked toward the main entrance. I asked Teacher to help me and not let anyone see me.

Although there were several people in the main hallway, I walked out of the police station without any problem. My Dafa treasures were once again returned to me.

Dafa Harmonized My Family

My son and his wife were not getting along. My son once met someone on the Internet and wanted to divorce his wife. When I found out, I urged my son to not follow the current trend in society. I told him he should not abandon his wife. My husband is dead, and my son did not want to listen to me and wanted to get a divorce. Because of this, my daughter-in-law was very sad.

One time they argued about getting a divorce and I was not able to persuade my son. I turned to my daughter-in-law and said "If he really wants to divorce you, why don't you agree? You can ask me to be the arbitrator and I will reveal everything he has. He merely has a stable job, but he despises the fact that you are honest, upright, and do not have a job. Is this a reason to get a divorce?" After hearing what I said, my son was speechless. Ever since then, they no longer discuss divorce and live a tranquil life together. I helped save a marriage that was about to fall apart. I feel more relieved now and can do the three things Teacher asks of us. Dafa is truly harmonizing our family.

A Miracle Happened When an Older Woman Learned to Print Truth Clarification Materials

Because there was shortage of truth clarification materials in my area, a practitioner from another area gave me a printer. I broke through the mindset of not wanting to deal with technology and began to use a photocopied sample that a practitioner gave me. Generally, an ink cartridge can print about 4,000 copies of A4-size paper. The practitioner also mentioned that the ink cartridge does not last very long. Therefore, I sent righteous thought that this cartridge would accompany me until the Fa rectifies the human world. Sure enough, a miracle happened with this ink cartridge. So far I have printed about 7,000 copies. The cartridge still functions well and it seems to print better than before. Something strange also happened. Since I don't know anything about computer technology, I did not even peel off the adhesive tape. When I used the printer, it clearly printed images on the paper.

Another time, a practitioner thought that the ink cartridge was no longer useful. The minute he said that, the machine stopped printing. The practitioner really thought the ink cartridge was no longer working, so he left. After he stepped out, the ink cartridge began to function again and produced clear prints, and is still functioning today.

Fellow practitioners, the reason why we can cultivate in the evil environment and witness numerous miracles is because we are constantly under the protection of our benevolent Teacher. We must treasure this once in a lifetime predestined relationship, and cultivate ourselves well in order to realize everything for the future.

July 19, 2007