(Clearwisdom.net) A few days ago, my teeth ached very much due to my attachment to fame and self. I decided to send forth righteous thoughts. When I sat down, the toothache did not disappear. I said, "If you try to stop me from sending forth righteous thoughts, I will still send forth righteous thoughts." I sat in the full lotus posture, but my teeth ached too much and I could not calm down. I opened my eyes and knew I did not do well. I asked in my heart for Master's help. I used my strongest righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. Although my teeth ached several times, I remained determined to continue sending forth righteous thoughts. The pain vanished after I finished sending forth righteous thoughts.

I encountered similar incidents twice before.

My father and mother are also practitioners. My father had a toothache due to having some loopholes. The pain lasted for almost a month and the condition did not get any better. The pain was so intense that his mouth shivered each time. One night, his teeth ached again. He said he also had headache and could not study the Fa. I said to him, "Let's send forth righteous thoughts together." Because his teeth ached very much, he did not want to send forth righteous thoughts. I wanted to advise him from the perspective of the Fa, but he said he couldn't be bothered. He did not want to send forth righteous thoughts. His toothache lasted for a long time.

A few days ago, my mother suffered great pain for something she did not do well. Her whole body ached and she lay down in bed. I wanted to advise her from the perspective of the Fa. I said, "Dafa disciples are persecuted by evil factors. We should sit up and send forth righteous thoughts, not lie down." Maybe it was too painful; my mom did not sit up. I wanted to study the Fa with her, so I started reading Master's new article beside her. Unexpectedly, she said to me crossly: "Go and read somewhere else." I went away with great disappointment. Her pain continued for another whole day and she did not eat anything. The next day, I sent forth righteous thoughts for my mom: "Help her get up and send forth righteous thoughts with me," and she sat up and sent forth righteous thoughts with me. Since then, she hasn't felt dizzy or heavy. She no longer wanted to lie down and recovered quickly.

I enlightened through these incidents that we should be very clear on the target when sending forth righteous thoughts; that is, to eliminate all evil elements that persecute Dafa and Dafa practitioners, and eliminate the old forces. How could the old forces let us eliminate them so easily? When we send forth righteous thoughts without a calm mind, our righteous thoughts are not powerful and they are not effective. But if we remain firm in our righteous thoughts and we keep our heads clear no matter how painful we feel, we remain firm and calm our minds to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. We should not get caught in the old force arrangements. We should listen to Master and send forth righteous thoughts well.

I would also like to share something and remind fellow practitioners of an important point. When we see loopholes present in our one body, we need to write it down or point it out in Fa study and experience sharing. Don't wait. Here is an example.

During the Chinese New Year this year, I saw that many truth clarification signs posted on walls and utility poles were written very sloppily, and they would not have a good effect in saving sentient beings. They may even have negative effects. I wanted to write an article and share this issue with fellow practitioners, but I did not write the article because I was too busy. Several months later, I saw the Clearwisdom website had published sharing articles on this issue. I felt ashamed after reading that. I had noticed this problem long ago, yet I did not take it seriously. Due to my laziness, several months went by before this issue was mentioned. Perhaps some other practitioners also had a similar cultivation state. If we do not point out the incorrect things in a timely manner, aren't we being irresponsible to the Fa? This was lesson to me.

In order to correct my shortcomings, I decided to write down the things I have just enlightened to. I also want to remind practitioners to never slack off.

Fa rectification is approaching the end. I hope our fellow practitioners will walk well on the last steps on the path of saving sentient beings.