Overlook Their Shortcomings, Remember Their Virtues

Even though there are shortcomings in a person's character and conduct, there are also virtues. It would be difficult to interact with people if we only emphasized their shortcomings and ignored their good points. On the other hand, if we think of their positive characteristics and ignore their shortcomings, then we will be able to get along well for the rest of our lives.

Disrespect and Jealousy Will Earn Disgrace and Humiliation

If we are arrogant, hypocritical, jealous, and suspicious in the way we treat people, then we are asking for disgrace and humiliation. A gentleman of high-caliber would not behave this way.

Those who are arrogant tend to smear others even if they know they are not as good. When facing people who are less prominent and in need of help, instead of treating them with respect, they disparage them behind their back. These people would be humiliated if they paid more attention to examining themselves.

Those who are hypocritical may appear to speak politely, as though they are kind to others, but inside, their heart is totally the opposite. They may earn other's trust and respect, but after dealing with them a few times their real nature is revealed.

Those who are jealous of others often put their own interests above others. Whenever they hear others being praised, they become angry and agitated because they feel the praise is unjustified. When they hear others being criticized, they feel happy and joyful.

Those who are suspicious constantly wonder when they hear casual comments, "What are they mocking me about? Why are they laughing at me?" This will result in their resenting others. A sagacious man would never take another's mockery and jeers to heart and thus would avoid any agony or worry.

June 25 2007