(Clearwisdom.net) Not long ago, I went through a xinxing test, during which I enlightened to the following: Everything thought of ours has to boil down to the basic point of Master's Fa rectification, and only then will we be able to walk well in following Master in Fa rectification.

It all happened on a night in early May when I went outside to post adhesive truth-clarification flyers. As I had a "doing things" mentality, I ran into someone who didn't know the truth about Falun Gong and reported me to the police.

The police sent someone to talk to my husband and threatened him, saying, "Your wife posted flyers outside, and she will be picked up and sent to a labor camp. So you should be mentally prepared." At these words, my husband became nervous and afraid. "Picked up by police?" he thought. "It will mean my house will be searched, they will stop paying our wages, and my home will be broken apart and there might be deaths." When he returned home he said to me, "Don't go out and post flyers anymore. The communist regime is ruthless." I replied, "Don't be afraid. I haven't done anything outrageous. I am doing the most righteous thing, so they have no right to arrest me. "

Although I said these words, I was concerned about the remaining truth-clarification materials at home. I didn't want bad people to find them and take them away, so I needed to hurry to distribute them and save sentient beings. There were still some adhesive truth-clarification flyers left and I needed to post them all before the persecutors got to me. Also I needed to take care of the things that fellow practitioners asked me to do before the police came. So in the face of imminent persecution, I thought I had put aside my own safety and didn't have any fear, and was doing things a Dafa practitioner should do.

And then a practitioner learned about it and said to me, "Why were you thinking that the police will come and pick you up? Why didn't you eliminate it with righteous thoughts?" That's right! Why was I getting ready for the evil persecution to happen? Wasn't that an acknowledgment of the old forces' arrangements? We are Master's disciples, and every step we take has been arranged by Master, so the old forces do not have any right to interfere with or manipulate the Fa-rectification road; still less do they have a right to persecute Dafa disciples who are on their path toward divinity. The old forces' arrangements are the selfish principles of the old cosmos, and only by totally negating the old forces and their arrangements can we walk straight on the path of Fa-rectification.

Master has taught us everything in his lectures, and yet I didn't get this point in my Fa study. As a result, I inadvertently acknowledged the old forces' arrangements and prepared to cultivate in the midst of enduring the old forces' arrangements. Isn't that a dangerous thought?! That not only let the old forces have an excuse to persecute me, but more importantly, made me move away from Master's Fa in Fa rectification.

"Calmly reflect on the attachments you have" ("Don't Be Sad," Hong Yin Vol. II)

I started looking inside and found that I still had a lot of attachments that had not been let go. My attachments to complacency, showing-off, doing things, and seeking something, etc, which have long existed in me, have prevented me from being able to understand the Fa from within the Fa. I realized through Fa-study that because of these human notions I couldn't do a good job in validating the Fa; instead I was validating myself, and the bottom line is that I was being selfish and doing thing for myself. It proved that I have not gotten rid of my fundamental attachments so that the evil forces could exploit the gap in me.

It is true that Dafa disciples have a lot of attachments to abandon and a lot of tests to pass in their cultivation. But Dafa disciples are cultivating within Dafa, and are tempering themselves within Dafa, rather than cultivating in the tribulations arranged by the old forces. We are in the presence of our Master and the Fa, so we are able to cultivate ourselves well and walk straight on our path. Graced by Master's compassion and hinted by fellow practitioners, I was able to get the deep meaning of Master's lectures and remembered that I am cultivating myself in Fa-rectification. Especially today, when the old forces and all deities within the Three Realms that have been involved in interfering with Fa-rectification are being dissolved, and when Fa-rectification has reached its very last stage, we will be able to ward off interference, do the "three things well", and walk well the last leg of the Fa-rectification road only if we put our every thought in line with Master's Fa.