(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhu Shuyun, 46, is from Nong'an County, Jilin Province. On May 9, 2007, she was arrested by police from Changchun City. After she was brutally beaten, she was illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor, by the Legal System Section of the Changchun Police Department. She is currently being tortured in a forced labor camp.

Her Family Was Not Allowed to Visit Her

After Ms. Zhu was arrested on May 9, she was held at Balibao Police Station for three days. By the time her family found out about this, she had already been transfered to the Third Detention Center. Her sisters went to the detention center but did not find her there. They just deposited money and clothes for her. They then went to the Erdao Police Department, but the police there told them to go to the local police station. They went to the local police station but the on-call officer said, "Oh, Zhu Shuyun? She wouldn't say anything. All she did was do the exercises."

Ms. Zhu never cooperated with the authorities. When she was arrested, her cellphone and money were confiscated by the police. Her brother called looking for her and only then did the police determine her name. They took a photo of Ms. Zhu and brought the photo to her mother's home in Nong'an County.

Ms. Zhu's mother is 76 years old. When she saw her daugher's picture, she barely recognized her. Her face was so badly swollen that it was distorted. After the police left, Ms. Zhu's mother remained in bed, where she is to this day. She needs people to take care of her.

Ms. Zhu's older sister asked the police, "Since you said that Zhu Shuyun was not beaten, let us look at the photo." Policeman Meng Yan said, "You can't look at it." He also said, "Sign the arrest agreement." Her sisters refused.

Secretly Sent to a Forced Labor Camp

On June 9, Ms. Zhu's younger sister again went to the Third Detention Center, but Ms. Zhu had been moved from the detention center to a forced labor camp. On June 10, her younger sister went to Balibao Police Station. The on-call officer told her to see policeman Mang Yan at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, June 11.

In the morning of June 11, Ms. Zhu's older sister, younger sister, and younger sister's husband went to Balibao Police Station. They found policeman Meng Yan, but Meng Yan yelled, "Why did you all just come?" They said, "We've been here several times. Why has she been sent to a forced labor camp?"

Meng Yan immediately got angry and said, "Forced labor, so what? You can go appeal wherever you want." Many people surrounded them. Later the station Chief Leng Changxue came out and said, "His name is Meng Yan. You can go appeal. It was the Legal System Section of the City Police Department that sentenced her to forced labor. Go ask them."

Ms. Zhu's Arrest and Persecution

On Tuesday morning, Ms. Zhu's family went to the forced labor camp and got to see her. She told them how she was arrested and what happened before and after.

She was arrested when she was parking her bike near Yatai Supermarket. When they took her to the Balibao Police Station, they asked her for her name, address, and what she was doing. She would not cooperate whatsoever. The police brutally beat her. They covered her head with a blanket and took off her shoes. Her face was badly beaten, her fingernails fell off due to the beating, and her legs were beaten to the point of being swollen. There was blood was all over, and she lost consciousness several times. Afterwards, the police didn't want to leave any evidence, so they washed the blood off of her clothes. Many people in the police station participated in the torture. Chief Leng Changxue, case investigation officer Wang Zhengmao, and policeman Meng Yan brutally beat Ms. Zhu several times.

On May 12, Leng Changxue brutally beat Ms. Zhu until she lost consciousness. She was then taken to the detention center. After she was later taken to the forced labor camp, captain Ren slapped her face very hard three times and the guards forced her to do slave labor. Her legs were swollen and she could no longer do any labor. They also would not let her do the exercises.

Ms. Shu is in the Second Brigade of the forced labor camp. The captain of the brigade is Yu Bo. The forced labor camp is called Jilin Province Women's Forced Labor Camp, also known as Changchun Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp. Over 200 practitioners are detained there.

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