(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of June 30, Hualien Huanle Radio interviewed several practitioners regarding the recent Hong Kong entry denial incident. The practitioners said that the lawsuit against the 2003 entry denial is still in process and this recent incident is the second time that Hong Kong authorities have used violence to turn back Taiwan Falun Gong practitioners.

In the program, the practitioners described to the public how roughly the Hong Kong authorities treated the Taiwan practitioners. On June 28, 23 Kaosiung practitioners were sent back after being detained for more than 10 hours. Several practitioners were wrapped with blankets or tied to folding beds. A number of them were injured during the process. When they returned to Kaosiung, the practitioners held a press conference to expose the violence and the fact that the Hong Kong government was using a blacklist provided by the Chinese Communist Party to deny Taiwan travelers entry.

The practitioners also recounted the 2003 incident. At that time, Hong Kong police officers confiscated the practitioners' passports and put many of them in one room where they were isolated from the outside world. There were also many young policemen who put the practitioners on Taiwan-bound planes whenever they were ordered to do so. On this occasion, the practitioners had no food or water and were not allowed to rest. When a practitioner needed to use restroom, one or two police officers had to accompany the practitioner. In such confined quarters, even the young police officers had difficulty enduring the conditions. While the police officers got to rotate to have rest, no one paid any attention to the condition of the innocent practitioners.

The radio host asked, "Were there other countries which refused to allow Falun Gong practitioners to enter because of pressure from the Chinese government?" The practitioners told him about the 2002 Iceland incident. In June 2002, practitioners around the world went to Iceland to participate in local activities. Many of them were not allowed to enter. However, after the people of Iceland learned about the incident, a large parade was held to protest the unlawful entry denials and apologize to the practitioners.

After being denied entry two times in four days, human rights lawyer Chu Wan-chi challenged the Hong Kong government, "Does Hong Kong still want human rights and rule-of-law? Do Hong Kong courts still have judicial independence?"