(Clearwisdom.net) Burma hasn't been the top choice of tourists since it was opened to tourism in 1996. Burma hasn't received much attention from the outside world. Our tour guide told us it was the first time for him to take a group to Burma since he started his job five years ago.

However, I never forget to introduce Falun Gong whenever I get a chance to travel abroad. I took some bookmarks with introductory materials in English with me on this trip, because I knew there must be something I was supposed to do in going all the way to a foreign country. It might be the only chance in my life to meet the people there.

Innocent schoolchildren smile with bookmarks in their hands

Little monks hold Falun Dafa-introduction bookmarks tightly

I love India, Sri Lanka and the countries of the Indo-China Peninsula very much. The people are kind, simple and sincere. I feel very comfortable and close to the people when I go to these countries.

As soon as we arrived in Burma, our tour guide told us it was a country ruled by military power. Here there wasn't much freedom of speech. He told us we might not be able to do everything we wanted to there. It is said that among the Chinese in Burma there were three highly sensitive things that could not be talked about: politics, Aung San Suu Kyi (leader of the nonviolent movement for human rights and democracy in Burma) and the U.S. dollar. The tour guide constantly advised us not to mention Aung San Suu Kyi because he didn't want to disappear for no reason.

I wondered if I could still introduce Falun Dafa under such circumstances. I realized it was a test to see if I had fear and the attachment to comfort. If I did not have righteous thoughts, I would not carry out righteous actions or pass tests at critical moments.

How could we miss the chance to introduce Falun Dafa? My husband put some introductory materials in his backpack and said he would see if there would be any opportunities. On the third day in Burma, we met a group of little monks after school. I gave them Falun Dafa bookmarks without any hesitation. Their eyes brightened with joy when they received the elegant bookmarks and heard that Falun Dafa is good. I totally forgot about my fear.

On the fifth day, we visited an elementary school. It was a shabby wooden building on a lake. Four teachers taught fifty-three children in six classes. My husband gave a brief explanation to the principal and distributed the introductory materials. We hope that those with predestined relationships with Falun Dafa would at least be introduced to Dafa. It was the least we could do during a hassled trip.

There is a statue with Sakyamuni and Maitreya next to each other in Dhammayan Gyi, Bagan City. People in Burma know that the future Buddha will come to offer salvation. I gave a big bag of Falun Dafa introductory materials to our tour guide and hope the common language we use will serve as a bridge for people to know that what they have been longing for life after life has truly come to the world.