(Clearwisdom.net) On July 10, Hu Chunwei (male), the judge of the Chuanying District Court in Jilin City, Jilin Province, illegally put practitioners Mr. Liu Yuhe, Mr. Zhao Guoxing, Ms. Zhao Yingjie, Ms. Wang Liqiu and Ms. Mu Chunhong on trial. The upper and lower floors were heavily guarded and many outposts were set up. All other cases were set aside, and the guards did not allow anybody to go upstairs. There were many quarrels over this rule.

Before the court session opened, the families of Mr. Zhao Guoxing, Mr. Liu Yuhe, Ms. Wang Liqiu, and Ms. Mu Chunhong all planned to defend them, but they were not permitted by the court authorities. Under pressure, the attorney employed by Ms. Wang Liqiu's family could not enter a plea of innocence; he had to defend Ms. Wang according to the orders of the court authorities. On the morning of the court session, the family of Ms. Wang Liqiu decided to renounce their contract with the attorney. However, when the court session opened, the court authorities did not allow the attorney to withdraw.

During the so-called court session, Ms. Zhao Yingjie pointed out that after she was arrested, the police officers pierced her lower body with sticks covered in nails. She showed the wounds on her legs as evidence. The judge, Hu Chunwei, interrupted her. Mr. Zhao Guoxing brought to court as evidence his clothes soaked with blood and stained with mustard oil, which he vomited when he was being force-fed. The evidence that was preserved for 4 months under arduous conditions was snatched away by the police. The judge did not allow the practitioners or their families to speak or show evidence. He only read the so-called "crime evidence" from the police.

After the trial was over, when Mr. Liu Yuhe was brought out of the building, he shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is wonderful." The nearest police officer promptly beat him up.

The family of Mr. Liu Yuhe witnessed the scene and were extremely indignant. They brought this issue to Wang Lixia (female), the court marshal. Wang Lixia said, "So what?" His family responded, "You dare to beat him right in front of us, and behind our backs you violate the law even more wantonly."