(Clearwisdom.net) Recently Clearwisdom reported that certain countries have applied pressure to China to help them improve. Some practitioners reacted to this by getting somewhat carried away. Practitioners should know that we should not rely on ordinary people's society for doing things for practitioners. Whatever their righteous actions might be, they merely echo the needs of Dafa, and it is Dafa that allows them to position themselves for the future.

The current favorable situational changes in ordinary peoples' society are the result of the Fa-rectification progress and practitioners' efforts conforming to the requirements of Dafa. But the unfavorable situational changes are also due to our poor behavior, including our unsettled minds, not following Dafa, or just not doing well. I would like to call upon fellow practitioners to do everything well that practitioners should do. We should not only concentrate on telling people the facts about Dafa, we should also study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts well. We have to ensure the quality of the work, rather than just trying to finish tasks. If we do not recognize the importance of eliminating the evil, the evil in our space may persecute and kill other practitioners. If this happens, how could we recover this immeasurable loss? Furthermore, practitioners who don't recognize the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts may be being suppressed by the evil. How can such a person reach consummation? "Sending forth righteous thoughts" is sacred and very important. Why are there still some practitioners who don't do it well? From now on, I will begin with myself and do it well. I have to do it well. This is the least I can do as Teacher's disciple.

Teacher said in "Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles,"

"I have seen many students doing this when they start to send righteous thoughts. (Teacher imitates a student falling asleep while sending righteous thoughts) (Teacher chuckles) (Audience laughs) What those evil specter factors of the vile Party want is precisely to make you drowsy, and the drowsier you get, the more they reinforce that drowsiness. They just won't let you send righteous thoughts, because by doing so you are purging them. When you send forth righteous thoughts to destroy them, they interfere."

We need to base our understandings of Dafa on the Fa, know well the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts, using righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil, and let our righteous thoughts guide us.