(Clearwisdom.net) Five Falun Gong practitioners in Jilin City, Jilin Province who were arrested in mid February 2007 were forced to appear at a court session on July 10, 2007. The police cruelly tortured all five practitioners in attempt to extort confessions from them. They were force-fed with spicy mustard oil, their legs were compressed with spiral steel bars, and police sexually assaulted an unmarried female practitioner by penetrating her vagina with a wooden stick. Some practitioners have been tortured until they lost consciousness, but when they came to, they were tortured again.

These practitioners are Zhao Yingjie, Zhao Guoxing, Wang Liqiu from Jilin City, and Liu Yuhe and Mu Chunhong from Huadian City. They were arrested on February 12 and February13, 2007 at their rented house near the Xiangyang Market, the Chuanying District in Jilin City. The arresting officers were from the Xiangyang Police Station and the National Security Team in Jilin City. The practitioners have been incarcerated in Jilin City Detention Center since their arrest. Recently it was learned that the Chuanying District Court in Jilin City would hold an illegal court session and sentence them on July 10, 2007.

After their arrest, policemen from the National Security Team held them at the police dog training center located on Yueshan Road in Jilin City, and attempted to extort confessions by administering torture. The various methods they used caused the practitioners tremendous physical harm and mental trauma.

Practitioner Ms. Zhao Yingjie was force-fed with five bottles of spicy mustard oil, resulting in severe damage to her face and mouth. While attempting to extort a confession, in addition to the above-mentioned force-feeding, police officers sexually assaulted unmarried Ms. Zhao with a wooden stick, resulting in partial paralysis of her lower body. When Ms. Zhao complained to other police officers, no one paid any attention.

Practitioner Wang Liqiu was force-fed eight bottles of spicy mustard oil by team leader Di Shigang from the National Security Team. After he passed out, they poured cold water on him to wake him up, and continued to torture him. As a result, Mr. Wang suffers from severe heart disease.

Practitioner Zhao Guoxing was force-fed with hot pepper powder by policeman Guan under instructions from Li Guorui, National Security Third Division chief as well as division chief Wang. Police officers compressed his legs with spiral steel bars resulting in severe damage to his knees and lower legs.

Practitioner Liu Yuhe was tortured so badly that he couldn't walk. He had to crawl back after being interrogated.

Practitioner Mu Chunhong was tortured and beaten by almost 20 policemen. They handcuffed her behind the back and violently fed her two bottles of spicy mustard oil. They also put a plastic bag over her face so that she could not breathe and she lost consciousness. When she came to, they continued to suffocate her. She lost consciousness again, but the police continued to repeatedly torture her.

After being tortured for two days at the police dog training center, they were sent to the Jilin City Detention Center on February 14, 2007.

While there, practitioner Wang Liqiu resisted the persecution by staging a hunger strike. The police force-fed her by inserting a tube into her body through her nose. They sealed her mouth to prevent her from breathing. When the tube was removed, the so-called "food" was immediately discharged. The police kept on committing crimes without considering the consequences. Practitioner Zhao Guoxing also protested the persecution by staging a hunger strike, and was force-fed. The force-feeding was administered by Wang Zhongjin, Third Team leader. Practitioner Ms. Mu Chunhong was also force-fed because she staged a hunger strike. The police force-fed her a large amount of concentrated salt solution. Mu Chunhong has staged hunger strikes three times, each time for over a month. The tube that was used for the force-feeding was left in for as long as six days before she started another hunger strike. This made it difficult for her to breathe and was extremely painful. During this period the police also fed her with unknown drugs, making her have a headache every afternoon, as well making her lose consciousness and suffer memory loss.

These five practitioners have been incarcerated in Jilin City Detention Center for almost five months. Family members have never gotten a chance to visit them. The family members have been trying to visit the related departments to request their loved ones' release, including Jilin City Police Department, Xiangyang Police Station, the 610 Office, the National Security Team at the Changyi District Police Department, the National Security Division at the Chuanying District Police Department, the Chuanying Procuratorate, the Jilin City Court, the Changyi Procuratorate and the Changyi Court. However, wherever they went, the office staff there gave them trouble. As soon as the staff heard that it was about Falun Gong, they all tried to absolve themselves from the case. During this process, case-handling officers Du Xingze, Guo Yue and others threatened the family members.

Recently it was learned that the Jilin Chuanying District Court would hold an illegal court session to sentence the practitioners on July 10, 2007.

We hope the international community and all people with a sense of justice will give this incident wide exposure and support the immediate, unconditional release of these five practitioners.

National Security Team at the Jilin City Police Department: political head Kong Fanhao: 86-432-2409085;
Changyi District National Security Division: chief Du Xingze: 86-432-2485537
Deputy chief: Wang Xigang: 86-432-2195537
Jilin City Detention Center: Xin Guiying (female): 86-432-4819047, 86-13944683096(Cell)
Chuanying District Court Office: 86-432-4830908