(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Lin Shusen, 33-years-old, was from Qingan County, Heilongjiang Province. After graduating from high school he was admitted into the Beijing Institute of Acupuncture Orthopedics. During his college years, he started to practice Falun Dafa. After gradating from college, he stayed in Beijing for work. Lin Shusen is a refined and modest, kind-hearted, outstanding young man who likes to help others.

In 2001, Lin Shusen was illegally sentenced to a 3-year prison term for believing in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance". He was held in Qianjin Prison in Tianjin City. The policemen used all kinds of tortures in attempt to force him to give up his belief. The tortures included depriving him of sleep and forcing him to run 100 laps around the basketball court each day, even when his body was covered with scabies. He was also forced to sit on a small bench that was barely 10 cm tall for 15-16 hours every day. He was once deprived of sleep for 15 days straight. The Division No. 6 Prison superintendent Cai, prison guard Liu Boquan, Xu and all the on-duty policemen, each holding one to two electric batons, simultaneously shocked Lin Shusen's palms, foot soles, head, neck, genitals and other sensitive body parts. The air was filled with the smell of burning flesh and hair. They kept shocking Mr. Lin for the entire morning. The overall electric volts were more than several hundred thousand volts. The electric shock caused him severe nerve damage. He was also forced to wear a "restraining jacket" and was tied up on the death bed for nearly seven months. He suffered so many tortures that it would be difficult to describe them all. All these inhuman tortures had caused Mr. Lin to suffer a mental collapse for more than half a year.

After being released from prison, Lin Shusen published an article entitled "A Beijing Practitioner Recounts the Severe Persecution Suffered at Qianjin Prison During a Three-year Period" on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website. This article exposed in detail the Qianjin Prison personnel's brutality towards him and other Falun Gong practitioners. At the end of April 2005, Lin Shusen was taken away by Fang Ge and other police officers from Xinjiekuo Local Police Station in Xicheng District, Beijing. Mr. Lin's article, which exposed the evil persecution, had become evidence for his sentencing. Lin was illegally sentenced to jail for an additional 5 years.

In June 2006, Lin Shusen was again sent to Qianjin Prison. During this period of time, he was again subjected to inhumane tortures for a long period of time. His physical health has become very poor. He has renal failure, liver failure, osteoporosis, and he vomits whatever he tries to eat. Under such extreme physically debilitating circumstances, he is still held in detention. His family members traveled thousands of miles to visit him in prison and asked for medial parole. All the requests had been denied unreasonably with a sharp-tone. During the past six months, Mr. Lin's family members have not received any letters or phone calls from Lin Shusen.

Considering the persecution Lin Shusen has suffered before, we are calling for close attention to this matter from all people of conscience. If anyone has more information regarding the persecution, please provide it to us. Lin Shusen must be released immediately.