(Clearwisdom.net) On July 2, 2007, 610 Office thugs illegally arrested several Dafa practitioners and took them to a brainwashing center located in Kuiyuan Village, Chundeng Town, in Yongji County.

Cui Mingyuan Sent to a Brainwashing Center for the Second Time

At 5:00 p.m. on July 2, Cui Mingyuan from Chaluhe Town, who worked all day selling fish at the market, was tidying up, getting ready to go home, and was suddenly arrested by police and taken to a brainwashing center in Kuiyuan Village. In October 2006, Cui Mingyuan had once before been sent to the Kouqianhongyan reception center for a brainwashing session.

Mr. Liu Fucheng Sent to a Brainwashing Center

At 8:00 p.m. on July 2, Chaluhe Town officials and police went to Hamoquanzi Village and arrested Dafa practitioner Mr. Liu Fucheng, 60, and took him to a brainwashing center in Kuiyuan Village.

Mr. Su Yajun Sent to a Brainwashing Center

On the morning of July 3, two police officers arrested Dafa practitioner Mr. Su Yajun. The next day at 9:00 a.m., the police came to arrest Mr. Su's wife, but she did not open the door and the police failed to achieve their goal.

Police Fail in Their Attempt to Arrest Li Xiuwen

On July 4 at 8:00 p.m., Dafa practitioner Li Xiuwen had just arrived home when two cars stopped by her house. The group was led by Gao Wei, the armed forces minister of Chaluhe Town, Guo Laigang, the deputy chief of Chaluhe Town Police Department, and policeman Liu Guojun. About sixty people gathered around as the police surrounded the home and talked with Mr. Li. Li Xiuwen's mother came out and said, "Why do you want to arrest my son? He is good person." More onlookers came to the scene, and Gao Wei realized that the situation was not good and said, "We will let it go for now." The police then left.

Two Couples Are Forced to Leave Home

On the night of July 2 and the morning of July 3, Chaluhe town officials and police went to the house of Dafa practitioners Lian Jinghua and Li Bailong. They were not home, so the officials left. Lian Jinghua was forced to shut down his business and leave his parents and children at home alone, to avoid being illegally arrested and persecuted.

Arrest Affect the Towns of Xiyang, Wanchang, Kouqian and Wulihe

On July 2 at 5:00 p.m., Xiyang Town officials and police arrested Hao Shuping and took her to a brainwashing center.

Other practitioners taken to the brainwashing center include Gao Yuchao from Wanchang Town, Ma Fei and Wang Xinru from Kouqian Town, and Zhu from Wulihe.

Yongji County police held brainwashing sessions in July 2005 and October 2006. Now they are playing the same tricks again.

Person responsible:

Liu Zhonghe, Yongji armed forces minister: 86-13804441217
Liu Yingchong, Yongji 610 Office
Gao Wei, armed forces minister of Chahelu Town: 86-432-4110016, 86-13844253322 (Cell)
Guo Laigang, Chaluhe Police Department, deputy chief: 86-432-4119338
Lu Wanfeng, Chaluhe Police Station officer: 86-432-4110338
Zhang Liansheng, Wanchang Town Police Station chief: 86-13804446550 (Cell), 86-432-4119987
Liu Guojun, Chaluhe Town Police Station officer: 86-13843261818 (Cell)