In the sea of suffering created by the violence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), I have long been sensitive to the deep feelings of sentient beings, many of whom are crying inside and filled with despair. I felt that they were so pitiful, unfortunate, insecure, hopeless and helpless. Our great Teacher has been using his immense compassion and mighty power to inspire sentient beings.

I used to be a high school teacher. When university entrance exams are finished, people bring their children to me and ask me to help them choose the universities they should apply to. No matter how busy I am, or how tired I am, I do my best to help them. Not only do I need to help those students choose the most appropriate schools, but also I need to clarify the truth to them, and help them with the "three withdrawals" (withdrawing from the CCP and its affiliated organizations) so that they can be saved.

I came to understand that helping Teacher with the Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings are responsibilities bestowed on every one of us, and we should not slack off even a little bit. In essence, it was Teacher who led us here, and arranged it so that we could help save the people with whom we have predestined relationships. At times I didn't do well, didn't work wholeheartedly, had an unstable mind, or appeared to be numb or not steadfast enough. Thinking back, I regret that I didn't meet Teacher's expectations, nor the trust and hope that sentient beings put in me. One thing that happened last year is still fresh in my mind.

One day around noon, my cousin brought a mother and daughter to my place. Because I didn't want them to invite me for lunch, I hurriedly helped the girl to choose the universities she should apply to, and then I quickly saw them off. As they were leaving, the girl looked like she wanted to say something. All of a sudden, I remembered that I hadn't talked about quitting the Party. I hurriedly ran to the bus stop, but they had already gone. That child was expecting me to save her, and the way she looked at me was full of begging and hope. At the particular moment that she turned her head and looked at me, I felt how disappointed and sad she must have felt deep inside her heart. When I realized this, I began to cry.

After the University entrance exam marks were published, those students and their parents that had predestined relationships with me kept me busy for two days. During that time I helped 25 people quit the Party one after another. Their faces were full of sincere gratitude and smiles, which made me feel truly happy and inspired. Actually, everything is a reflection of Dafa's mighty virtue and Teacher's compassion. It's Teacher's grand benevolence that melted and warmed the hearts of sentient beings that have long been covered by dirt and/or frozen by the evil Party.

This year, a teenager who studies science came to my place. He had light skin, an oval-shaped face, and bright eyes. His family was surprised that he had scored 598 in the University entrance exam, as it was 50 points higher than he had scored before. The high score qualified him for admittance to the more renowned schools. Indeed, the gods are helping people who have predestined relationships. Because this child's aunt is a Dafa practitioner, she often clarified the truth to him about Falun Gong, taught him how to behave, how to study properly, and how to distinguish right from wrong. Before the exam, he quit the Young Pioneers and Communist Youth League. The whole family knows that Falun Dafa is good. Through his high entrance exam score, they have truly come to realize that when you believe in Dafa, and treat Dafa practitioners well, you will receive good fortune.

There was one young girl who looked familiar to me, but I couldn't remember where I had seen her before. She looked gentle, quiet, and cute, but also very stubborn. It turned out that she was the backbone of the Youth League in her class. Although her mother tried to persuade her to quit the Youth League on several occasions, she always refused. Because the evil Party has educated them since childhood, these pitiful children are full of the Party culture, and they are very poisoned. This time, her entrance exam score was not up to par, so she felt depressed, ashamed, and uneasy. We analyzed why she had not done well in the exam and she realized that it was caused by her attachments and the harm done to her by the Party's lies. I told her that if she quit the evil Party today it would not be too late for her. She nodded her head sincerely, and her mother's eyes were full of tears.

Just when I was about to take a break, my cousin called saying Xiao Zang had done well on her exam this year, and asked if I would help her choose the universities she should apply to. As soon as I realized that he was talking about the girl that I had been thinking about, I kept repeating the word good to myself. It was indeed something hard to forget! Xiao Zang had a meeting at school so her aunt came to see me. After we selected the schools we began talking.

Actually, everyone in Zang's family believes in Buddhism. Zang's aunt is a lay-Buddhist. For two hours we talked about everything from Falun Gong, Buddhism, the evil Party, prophecies, the great calamity, to the Fa-rectification. Finally I said, "Now we are in the Dharma-ending period that Sakyamuni mentioned. None of the religions can offer salvation to people. In order to escape this great calamity, you should quit your association with the evil Party. If you want to cultivate Buddhahood, the only way is to cultivate in Dafa!" The aunt kept nodding her head, and quit the evil Party and its affiliated organizations on behalf of everyone in her family. I said, "After you go back, please tell Zang I have finally done for her what I should have done a year ago." She said to me excitedly: "Thank you! Thank you!" As she was leaving, Zang's aunt asked me to get her a copy of Zhuan Falun. I smiled and wished her blessings.

With their eyes full of hope, I have seen the excitement of sentient beings when they find the truth and truly see through the delusions of the human world. I have also seen their desire to abandon the evil Party and pursue the truth, and their astonishment at obtaining the Fa and coming back to the righteous way.

We Dafa practitioners should fulfill our vows, save sentient beings, and fulfill our predestined relationships with sentient beings. Time is running out for us to complete our grand vows made eons ago. Hurry up and clarify the truth, save sentient beings, live up to the hope sentient being's have in you, and don't miss the great opportunities during this time.