(Clearwisdom.net) On one occasion, a non-practitioner who is aware of the true situation of Falun Dafa attended a Rural Work Conference. At the conference, people discussed the hand-written slogans of Falun Dafa practitioners that can be seen in many villages and towns. One person mentioned that some of the Falun Gong-related characters, that can be seen on the walls and utility poles, look very sloppy and are not nice to see. People from other regions also talked about similar situations. They all agreed that some of those slogans made a bad impression. After Falun Dafa practitioners from this area heard about it, they discussed the problem. Some practitioners were of the opinion that although some of the writings may not be very artistic, they could still achieve the intended effect. Other practitioners said that the writings were acceptable as long as they were posted with kindness. If we worry too much about the way the writings look, the practitioners who usually help to post them may be reluctant to continue doing the job.

The way Dafa disciples validate the Fa has no format and there is no precedent to follow. All paths are established by our own steps with the aim of saving sentient beings. If we do not select the best way to explain the true situation of Falun Dafa and to validate the Fa in a way acceptable to the general public, then we are simply completing a task and validating ourselves. In previous years, the NTDTV galas were not perfect, and some audience members made some negative comments. More recently, our Master has led the practitioners to improve the performance format, from the costumes to the backdrop and even to the performances themselves. Consequently, everything was perfect and the audience members were moved to tears. The show now plays an important role in saving sentient beings. Master said, "If this was to be done well, then it must achieve the best results and truly save and rescue people. Only then would I do it, and this had to be achieved." ("Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference")

Dafa disciples validate the Fa using all kinds of methods, including designing posters, posting slogans and preparing talismans for people. All of these are intended to save sentient beings in an acceptable manner. If the methods we use do not look appealing enough, they could have a bad effect. Every practitioner has certain talents, granted to him or her by the Fa, and not everyone should be doing the same thing. If someone is needed to write slogans, it makes sense that a practitioner with good handwriting should do it. It could also be done with the help of a prepared template. We should also select the proper place for our slogans. Some were painted on the outside wall of residence buildings. The people who lived there got annoyed and complained that we did not look for a better place. In other areas, the practitioners have prepared the slogans more carefully and drew the characters very nicely. These have not been erased. They are definitely playing a role in eliminating the evil and clarifying the truth.

Saving sentient beings is Dafa disciples' major task. The method we use should be acceptable to the general public in order to save sentient beings with the utmost effectiveness. We should save beings who are lost in the maze using our wisdom and the abilities we cultivated in the Fa, and let go the attachment of validating ourselves.

July 4, 2007