(Clearwisdom.net) On June 8, 2007, Ms. Xia Qingju, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Wuhan City, together with fellow practitioner Ms. Chen Man, went to the Zhangjiaji Brainwashing Center to visit Ms. Chen Man's husband Mr. Zhang Weijie. Both women were illegally arrested by police officers from the First Division of the Wuhan City Police Department and taken into the brainwashing center. Ms. Chen was later detained at the Wuhan City Women's Forced Labor Camp. There is no information on where Ms. Xia is detained. Ms. Xia's mother-in-law, who is seventy years old, twice went to the administration office with Ms. Xia's young daughter to ask for information. The answer given was, "She [Ms. Xia] needed to study." Her family members are very grieved. Ms. Xia needs to take care of her husband's elderly parents and her daughter as well. She is a traditional good wife and mother. Now, she has been arrested to "study" without reason. What do they need her to study? Someone should study from her to learn filial obedience!

After Ms. Xia Qingju's husband was sentenced to 8 years in prison, Ms. Xia has had to take care of her husband's parents and her 12-year-old daughter as well. At the same time, Ms. Xia needs to go to work every day. Every month, she needs to send items to her husband in prison. Ms. Xia has now been detained for over a week. Even now, her family members do not know where she is detained. It is very difficult for her parents-in-law to wait for her sadly.