(Clearwisdom.net) The Chengdu City Wuhou District Court ordered practitioner Ms. Fan Xiuying's son in early June 2007 to bring her to court "to go through some details." The officials promised that nothing would happen to his mom because she is a senior, and it would not be more than a sentence of custody outside prison.

At 4 o'clock on June 5, Ms. Fan Xiuying, her husband, her son and her daughter-in-law arrived at Wuhou District Court. The officials confronted the family with a previously prepared court verdict stating that Ms. Fan Xiuying was sentenced to four years of imprisonment. It also branded her as a political prisoner.

What's strange is what followed the so-called sentence. The Yulin Police Station is the jurisdiction station for Fan Xiuying's residence, not the Cuqiao Police Station. Ms. Fan had never been to the Cuqiao Police Station. However, the court ordered Cuqiao Police Station agents to send Fan Xiuying to the Anjing Detention Center in Chengdu City. Fan Xiuying's family now knows they were deceived.

Details about Ms. Fan Xiuying's persecution:

Ms. Fan Xiuying, 70, is a resident of the school dormitory at the Southwest National College, Yulinzheng Street, Wuhou District, Chengdu City. Plainclothes police agents arrested her on May 23, 2006, and took her to the Simaqiao Police Station when she was distributing Dafa truth clarifying materials. She was sent to the Wuhou City Brainwashing Class and detained there for over a month. Later the persecutors sent her to Chengdu City Detention Center where she was held for over a month. Because she had held hunger strike protesting the persecution, the abusers sent her to the People's Hospital in the Qingyang District where she remained for over two weeks.

At the Wuhou City Brainwashing Class, three officials from Yulin Police Station tried to extort a confession from her around the clock by forcing her to tell where the informational materials came from, but they failed. Ms. Fan was deprived of sleep for three days.

While in the People's Hospital in the Qingyang District, Ms. Fan Xiuying was handcuffed and shackled to a bed and given injections against her will. The evildoing officials intentionally raised the bed so that the handcuffs were pulled tight. Fan's fingers lost their feeling, which has not yet completely returned.

After three months of gross abuse, Fan Xiuying became terribly thin. She could barely remember things and had lost much of her memory. She could not walk, and her daughter had to carry her to the bathroom. After several months she still felt dizzy and found walking difficult. The hospital may have injected her with drugs that damage the central nervous system.

Ms. Fan Xiuying has so far not recovered the good health she enjoyed before being abused under the persecution. She is thin and cannot eat properly. Nonetheless the evildoing officials set a trap and arrested her again.

Officials who are involved in this persecution of Fan Xiuying:

Chengdu City Anjing Detention Center: 86-28-86407825, 86-28-86407838
Deputy head of the detention center, Xu Maoqiang: 86-28-86407830 (Office)
Wuhou District Politics and Law Committee head, Yang: 86-28-85557275
Chief of Wuhou District 610 Office, Luo Yixiang: 86-28-85531041 (Office). He is in his forties and primarily responsible for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in Wuhou District. The comprehensive administration office at every street committee is under his direction: 86-28-85061298 (Home), 86-28-88178528 (Cell)
Wuhou District Court: 86-28-82872696, 86-28-82872712, 86-28-82872697
Wuhou District Police Department: 86-28-85079567, 86-28-85076486
Yulin Police Station: 86-28-85553503
Yulin Street Committee: 86-28-85553994, 86-28-85571364
Jiang Lin, chief of Yulin Street Committee (He has followed along with the evildoing authorities for several years in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, and has still not awakened.)