(Clearwisdom.net) A Dafa coordinator shared her regional experience regarding working as a whole body and sending forth righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evil. Her experience has been edited and described in the following in hopes other practitioners can learn from it.

We are located in a big city. A couple of years ago, the persecution in our region had escalated. It appeared that Dafa practitioners were being continually arrested and persecuted by local officials. Many practitioners were afraid to step forward to explain the facts about Falun Gong. At that time there was no coordinator, and practitioners did not work as a whole body. We were anxious to solve this problem. One practitioner pointed out that I would be a good candidate as regional coordinator and I felt I should take on this responsibility. But on the other hand I felt that, as an older lady and having had no coordination experience, I did not know where to begin. I cried several times in front of Master's picture.

Once when I was sitting in the lotus position, my mind saw images of previous coordinators. Their faces emerged, one by one. It was as if I was seeing a movie. I realized that Master had hinted for me to find the previous regional coordinators. After talking to them, with great efforts on all our parts, we eliminated the gaps among us, became closer, and gradually worked as a whole body. By doing the three things and sending forth righteous thoughts together, our regional environment was significantly changed, resulting in the evildoers not being as rampant as before.

To summarize what we did when we sent forth righteous thoughts as a whole body: We first listed all units, workplaces, police stations, "610 Offices" and the other places that were involved in the persecution. Next we notified all our fellow practitioners--without omitting any--and assigned a certain number of practitioners to focus on each place listed, sending forth righteous thoughts towards that place. We sent forth righteous thoughts four times daily for half an hour each time and continued this for five days as one session. We kept doing this for a period of time and the effect was good.

We realized that sending forth righteous thoughts as a whole body was important for every individual practitioner. One practitioner once had serious illness symptoms that manifested as cancer. Later on we found out there was a great deal of CCP stuff stored at her home that had not been gotten rid of or destroyed. Even though we let everyone know about sending forth righteous thoughts, she seldom participated. She did not even have an alarm clock to alert her to the set time. As a result, she let the evil take advantage of her. She had to deal with the consequences, due to her lack of emphasis in sending forth righteous thoughts.

We worked as a whole body when it came to rescuing arrested practitioners. We went near where they were detained and sent forth righteous thoughts. We then went to their workplaces and sent forth righteous thoughts because that was where they had been arrested. As a result, some of the practitioners were released quickly. Some were sentenced to forced labor and transferred to a forced labor camp, but the labor camp refused to accept them and asked the local authorities to take him back quickly.

We also sent forth righteous thoughts near where a brainwashing center was located. It took several hours to reach it by bus. To do that, we divided into several regions. Each region's practitioners would go down there daily for five days in a row and then the duty rotated to another region. We kept doing this for more than 30 days. We believed that most of the evils around the brainwashing center and from the other dimensions were eliminated.

During this whole process, practitioners' righteous thoughts and determination to eliminate the evil inspired us. For example, in the hot summer, practitioners sat in the bushes and woods near the brainwashing center. There were ants and biting bugs and bad odors from the laborers' excrement. Occasionally there were police cars nearby. Everyone stayed still and seated there for two or three hours. In the cold winter we sat in the woods. No matter if it was raining or snowing, we sat still and did not feel anything. After we completed sending forth righteous thoughts we sometimes realized that we were soaking wet. Many of us were in our 40 to 50s, and some were in their 70s and 80s. Our minds are clear and no human notions can block us.

After I became the region's coordinator, the power of working as a whole body and sending forth righteous thoughts appeared in my body, too. The chronic swelling in my legs disappeared. Although I had studied Dafa and sent forth righteous thought in the past, for some reason my swollen legs never changed.

Our environment is getting better, along with group coordination, and more and more evil things have been eliminated. We have made the best use of our time to clarify the truth, urge people to quit the CCP, and rescue people. We continue to do the above-mentioned things. In the meantime, we also do the three things and consider Fa study as the key cultivation component.

Those are our experiences. Please correct me should there be something inappropriate. .