(Clearwisdom.net) The third series of Falun Gong classes taught by Master Li in Guiyang City was held in the auditorium of the Guizhou Provincial Government Building on August 15, 1993.

I learned about the class through a friend from my province. He told me that this qigong was special in that the practitioners cultivated a law wheel in their lower abdomen, the law wheel would rotate nonstop around the clock, and the practitioners were being refined even when they were not doing exercises, which enhanced the progress of cultivation. Hearing this I was quite excited, "This is just great. Time is exactly what I am short of." So I registered for the class.

When I first saw Teacher, I felt he was only in his twenties, young and handsome. He was straightforward and his speech was easily understood. On the first day, Teacher first gave a talk, and then some disciples taught the students the exercises, while Teacher adjusted the students' bodies. I had sprained my right foot two months earlier and was limping at the time. My left shoulder had arthritis and I could not raise my arm over my head. Teacher lifted his right hand and grasped something in the air. Then my right foot was okay right away and I could easily raise my left arm. I had learned many other qigong practices before, but none of them were of any use. I was very excited, thinking that Teacher was so powerful and I just needed to work on this practice from then on.

Teacher said in Zhuan Falun, "Starting today, some people will have chills, as if they've got a bad cold, and their bones might even ache."I began to have the symptoms of a bad cold from the second day on. The fever reached 113°F, and the joints all over my body were aching. But I was still energetic, and went to work as usual. At the end of the day, I thought to myself that no matter what, I needed to go to the class. While listening to Teacher in the class, the symptoms all disappeared while I was not paying any attention to them. I did not even know when exactly it happened.

Although in the beginning I could not understand a lot of the things that Teacher said, I had an initial understanding of why a person gets sick, why a person has tribulations, and why a person needs to pay attention to his virtue and do good deeds. After ten class sessions, I felt that I was energetic and in good spirits. I felt my body was very comfortable, all my past problems of arthritis, backaches, ulcers, low blood pressure, chronicle throat inflammation, and prostate inflammation were all gone. I truly enjoyed the comfortableness of a healthy body.

Six people from our company attended the class. One practitioner had a walnut-sized tumor in his lower abdomen. After a few classes, the tumor disappeared. Another practitioner levitated at night when he was sleeping after Teacher had discussed the heavenly circuit. Even the quilt levitated with him. When he woke up, he thought, "I need to come down," and so he did. He was quite excited and emotional talking about his experience.

We spent the afternoon of the last session taking photos. We formed small groups among ourselves, and then stood there waiting for Teacher to come over. At the time Guiyang was very hot. Teacher was with us all afternoon in the sun. We finished at sunset. Without having dinner Teacher began the question and answer session with practitioners, followed by practitioners' experiences sharing.

There was a couple among us. The husband was a retired professor, paralyzed, and used a crutch during the class. The wife was also immobile because of her severe arthritis. They were both essentially healed after Teacher cleansed everyone's bodies in the first class session. The husband was so happy that he threw away his crutch and the wife was able to move freely too. After they shared their experiences, they walked a few rounds on the stage like normal people, and shouted emotionally, "Long live Teacher Li."

During the eight days of classes, many students lingered around after the exercise session had ended and did not want to leave. They just wanted to stay close to Teacher a bit longer.