(Clearwisdom.net) Another July 20 is coming soon. Falun Dafa practitioners have walked eight years on the path opposing the persecution. Looking back, practitioners' firm and indomitable spirit and persistence in following Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance when facing mistreatment has won the respect of the world's people and helped countless people be free from the CCP's deception. On the other hand, the past eight years weigh heavily in history, for this persecution should not have happened to begin with, and neither should it have lasted so long.

As the persecution reaches its eight-year mark, since Falun Dafa disciples are shouldering heavy duties, it is necessary for us to examine our understandings on the Fa-principles and our state of mind. Have we recognized our responsibilities? Do we know how to fulfill our missions?

I noticed an issue while sharing understandings with fellow practitioners. Some do not have a clear concept about ending the persecution, and they have not enlightened to the fact that it is not normal for the persecution to have lasted until now, nor are they aware that Falun Dafa disciples are responsible for ending the persecution.

Some practitioners think the persecution has not ended because Master wants us to save more sentient beings. Once the persecution ends, the big weeding-out will begin, and a large amount of people cannot be saved. I believe this is a wrong understanding of Master's teaching. Master never acknowledged this persecution, so of course, Dafa disciples should not accept it either. Every minute and every second of this persecution should not exist. Falun Dafa disciples do not need to cultivate amidst the persecution, and the world's people do not need to position themselves on the basis of this persecution. People can correctly position themselves in many ways. Ending the persecution one day earlier can help many people to change their twisted opinions one day earlier and know the truth about Falun Dafa. Thus, more people would be saved.

Some other practitioners feel that we have many long term projects going on, and we enlightened from the Fa to the fact that we should not be attached to time or results. So, our minds went to the other extreme and thought opposing the persecution was a long term goal, and the persecution seems impossible to immediately end. In reality, being attached to the results is not the same as paying attention to the results, and not being attached to time is not the same as not allowing the persecution to continue. The day the persecution ends is a result of each Falun Dafa disciple's choice.

For the past several years of opposing the persecution, our Dafa validating projects have become more and more established, which makes it easy for us to sink into specific affairs. Facing real challenges one by one, we to a certain extent take opposing the persecution as a righteous but difficult task. Although our path is filled with hardship, we seem to "enjoy" it and proudly "take hardship as joy" in the tests that the old forces have arranged.

Master taught us to completely negate the old force's arrangements. We all know this persecution should not be acknowledged and should be stopped immediately. So, how are we going to end this persecution? A few years ago, some fellow practitioners put hope in ordinary society's changes. After Master corrected us, some practitioners are still waiting for Master to end this persecution. Of course, Master has the power to do so, but my understanding is that Master has bestowed this historical mission on us.

We will never fully realize the hardships Master has endured in this Fa-rectification and His boundless plan for us. However, Master has clearly told us what to do in his teachings. Master passed Dafa down to us, bestowed us with divine power, gave us the new cosmos, and established our paths as reference for the future. Whether something was done by disciples or Master, it brings a totally different meaning for the future cosmos. The whole process of Falun Dafa practitioners obtaining the Fa, validating the Fa, walking towards consummation, and achieving fruit status is a part of Master creating the new cosmos through the Fa-rectification. We, as Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples, must reach the standard and accomplish our historical mission.

Then, how can we actually end this persecution? Is it truly difficult like some imagine? I think we all have had such experiences in our cultivation. Something looks so difficult and seems impossible, but when we do things according to the Fa-principles as Dafa disciples, the problems are solved easily, just like "After passing the shady willow trees, there will be bright flowers and another village ahead!"(from "Lecture Nine" of Zhuan Falun) In order to end the persecution, we must upgrade our understanding on the Fa and break through all sorts of limitations set up by human opinions. Once we upgrade our level of enlightenment, Master and Falun Dafa will bestow us with incomparable power and the situation will miraculously change.

We had many chances before, such as April 25, 1999. If more practitioners had clearly enlightened on the Fa, the persecution may not have even had a chance to happen. Another time was July 20, 1999. If Dafa disciples could have all been mature and rational and walked out of humanness, the persecution would not have continued. The first time we realized we could end the persecution by walking out of humanness was after reading the Minghui editorial "Serious Teachings" (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2000/9/28/8105.html). In March 2006, the CCP's crime of harvesting living practitioners' organs was exposed. If we seized the opportunity to widely expose the evil, the current situation would be different. But due to our being immature in our cultivation, we missed the chances one by one.

It has been eight years! Countless fellow practitioners, both in mainland China and overseas, have endured so much hardship to validate the Fa. We neglect sleep and rest, day and night, and risk all sorts of danger. However, we should not stop at the level of enduring hardships, for the Fa's requirement for us is much higher. We must consider what the requirement of being in Fa-rectification is and what the future cosmos needs, and we must accomplish these missions.

Another July 20 has arrived. When we join the events opposing the persecution in the United States' Capital, Washington DC, when we expose the CCP's violent crimes, when we spread the truth in mainland China's dangerous environment, please do not forget that we "Dafa disciples are the great figures of our time." (1) We decide every being's future. Let us all use Falun Dafa disciples' solid righteous thoughts and immediately end this persecution that should not exist!

July 16, 2007


(1) Quote from "To the European Fa Conference in Stockholm"