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Will dismantling the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) definitely lead to a bloody war as happened in Chinese history when an old dynasty was overthrown?

The answer is no.

Most of the Chinese people detest the CCP regime, but cannot do anything about it. When thinking of wiping out the CCP regime, they immediately think that a cruel, bloody war would be inevitable, and that powerful armed forces are needed take down the CCP. They think that, since modern weapons are so destructive, if an internal conflict takes place, the ordinary people will become the first victims of the war.

The CCP regime is aware of this feeling and takes advantage of it. They propagandized that "Stability takes priority over everything else." Meaning, if you attempt to cast down the CCP, it means a destructive war all over China, so everyone must not make a move and accept the totalitarianism.

But it is wrong. The CCP seized power by armed force and it maintains the regime also by armed force. But there is an old saying that, "Win the world by winning the popular sentiment. Lose the world by losing the popular sentiment."

Today, the CCP regime cannot do anything about people's unprompted choices, although it has millions of armed troops.

This is a way to peacefully dismantle the CCP regime that the regime cannot imagine.

The peaceful disintegration of the former Soviet Union is a good example for the Chinese people. Fifteen years have passed and those countries have become better and better. Remember that those countries also used to be controlled by a formidable army under the communist system. To the surprise of western countries, the communist allies disintegrated in a very short time.

Presently, regarding the 23 million people who have quit the CCP, the regime does not dare to mention one word in public. Because it knows that once it criticizes the withdrawals publicly, Chinese people will know the truth about the withdrawals from the CCP, and they will support and follow the tide of withdrawal. No matter what it says and does, the CCP cannot win over people's support anymore. In addition, the CCP regime could not find grounds to criticize the withdrawals from the CCP, because the right to join and withdraw from the CCP is outlined in the CCP's constitution. It even does not dare to say that those withdrawal declarations are fabricated. It knows that the majority of CCP members want to quit, except a few beneficiaries of totalitarianism.

Although most of the people quit the CCP using an alias, it reflects the people's opposition to the party. In the near future, more and more people will quit the CCP using their real names. The news of withdrawals from the CCP will gradually be covered by mainstream media. The development will be faster than we expect. So we would say that the peaceful dismantling of the CCP is becoming a reality. The Chinese people are looking forward to that day.

For the Chinese people, this is a choice of conscience, a choice between good and evil, a choice for their future lives.

History will witness that the power of compassion and humanity are much stronger than any violence and conspiracy.

Compassionate people, erase the fear that the CCP put in your heart, resurrect your conscience and courage, and choose your life and future in open and dignified way.

June 29, 2007