(Clearwisdom.net) Watching the International Chinese Classical Dance Competition with my family last weekend was a wonderful experience, and I wanted to share some of my feelings. Almost every contestant had outstanding skill. The competition was a great representation of the spirit of Chinese classical dance, and each contestant's performance helped to contribute to it. As Cindy Liu from the Junior Division danced, I marveled at her beautiful, harmonious movements. The music seemed to tell a story from a long time ago. For me, it was as if the performance was awakening a longing for Chinese culture and art, as well as for a return to the origin. This feeling was so deep that I couldn't help but come to tears, as I heard represented the deep compassion for life, and human humility before heaven, earth and nature. It was a truly moving experience.

Michelle Ren, a contestant in the Adult Division

As I watched the show, I also noticed the audience's building excitement and appreciation. It culminated when contestant Michelle Ren took the stage for the finals, as she was welcomed by a rousing ovation from the audience. She didn't disappoint the audience's high expectations and delivered a great performance. Throughout the contest, the audience cheered on the contestants with their applause, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves in this wonderful performance of traditional Chinese culture.

The dance competition helped to awaken my, and I suspect many others', longing for traditional Chinese culture.