(Clearwisdom.net) Recently I assumed that my cultivation status was not too bad, and that I had put my heart into doing the three things, so I felt quite satisfied with myself. This morning when I woke up, I suddenly recalled a scene from my dream: It was time to go to work and while I was hurriedly leaving for the office, I found that everything inside the room had been covered with a thick layer of snow, and even the clothing in the closet was not exempt. I was sure the house had a roof, but why had the snow had fallen inside the room? While I was about to hurriedly clean it, I looked back and found that a wall was missing. Why was there was no wall on the north side of room? The violent wind and heavy rain kept rushing into the room. In the dream I was frantically trying to find a plastic cloth to block the wind and rain, but all my efforts were in vain.

Later I thought it over, and was wondering whether I had such a big omission in my cultivation. The room was short a whole wall, how big the omission is! In the past when I had omissions in my cultivation, the hints I was given in the dream were all about a roof tile that had fallen off, or a whole block of roof tiles were broken, or the door to the room was broken and could not block the wind and rain. After the dreams I was always able to find my omissions in cultivation, and improve quickly. This time the omission is so big, so why could I not find it? Was it because this dream had nothing to do with me?

I searched more deeply, and found my attachment of comfort. Since I obtained the Fa in 1997, I was always in the tribulation of family issues, and my husband had caused a lot of interference to me. In the beginning of this year, he left our city to work in other places and left me alone at home. The environment had suddenly become loose. I thought now I could do the three things freely. Though I did put my heart into doing the three things, I seldom sent forth righteous thoughts at 12 o'clock midnight. I knew the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts; Master had stressed this many times; fellow practitioners have also shared about this on the Clearwisdom website many times, and I have also made the determination that I would participate in the global sending forth righteous thoughts without omission. However, as soon as the alarm rang at 11:55 p.m., I often turned it off unconsciously and went back to sleep. Once, I was determined to get up, but could not manage to get over the frequent blinking of my eyes, and could not get my mind clear either. I thought, with my mind being so unclear, how could I achieve the objective of sending forth righteous thoughts? I would be better off just going back to sleep, and send forth righteous thoughts well the next day. Later on, I no longer sent forth righteous thoughts at midnight, and did not feel sorry for this.

The sending forth of righteous thoughts simultaneously four times a day by fellow practitioners is a united action to thoroughly eliminate the evil elements each time. When I failed to participate at midnight, my dimensional field became a shelter for the evil elements, and I have allowed them the opportunities to be on its last legs. The "snow" in my dream is pronounced similarly to the word "evil." They have fallen into my dimensional field, and have been "protected" by me. This is not just an issue of not sending forth righteous thoughts, but one that the evil has been given a place to hide due to my failure of not doing so. It has offset the endeavors of fellow practitioners, and as a result, the evil could not be thoroughly eliminated. This is dragging out the Fa-rectification process! Isn't this omission huge?

I have enlightened that the hint given to me in this dream could mean that sending forth righteous thoughts four times a day is like the four walls of a room, and none of them should be omitted. Every omission that is ignored will become a big omission in one's cultivation.

I've made the decision today, however tired I am, I must get up, and must do well!

June 29, 2007