Following are the details of the persecution of some Falun Gong practitioners from Hejian City of Hebei Province.

Gu Yalou was abused and killed by the Renqiu National Security Division

Practitioner Mr. Gu Yalou, 31 years old, was from Mantang Village, Beishicao Township, Hejian City. At around 10:00 p.m. on August 10, 2001, while he was posting truth clarification materials, he was arrested in Lizhao Village, Renqiu City, by officers from Beihan Police Station. He was sent to the Renqiu City National Security Division for "illegal detention" and torture. After his arrest, Mr. Gu's family went to ask for his release but this was denied. However, they were informed that he could be released if the family paid 10,000 yuan. On August 14, his family received a notice from Renqiu Police Department stating that Gu Yalou was dead. When family members rushed to the police department, they saw a medical examiner from Cangzhou City examining the body. Looking around, the family noticed blood on the floor and multiple wounds on Mr. Gu's head and body. Both his legs were swollen and there were multiple fractures. There were two electric shock wounds on his left should. His buttocks showed signs of a beating with a belt. There was a one-inch-long wound on his left calf where the bone was exposed. His whole body was black and blue. Before the family could figure out what was going on, the authorities dressed the body and cremated it. Relatives tried to stop them but they were threatened by two armed police teams.

The whole process was supervised personally by a head of the Cangzhou Region and the director and deputy director of the Renqui Police Department.

Gu Xingchang was brutally tortured

Practitioner Mr. Gu Xingchang was from Mantang Village, Beishicao Township. After practicing Falun Gong, diseases that he had had for a long time disappeared without any treatment. Because he had gone to Beijing to appeal, he was detained six times by the police from Hejian and Beijing. He was tortured with the "Big board," the "Half Squat," being drenched with hot and cold water, and other methods. He has been "illegally sentenced" to six years in prison by Hejian Police Department and detained at Jidong Jail in Tangshan

Wang Fulin and Mo Junhua were illegally arrested and sentenced five times

Wang Fulin and Mo Junhua , a couple from Nanshicao Village, Beishicao Township, were illegally arrested and detained five times by Hejian City Police Department because they persisted in practicing Falun Gong. At various times they were arrested while they worked in the field, when they were at home weaving baskets, when they did chores around the house, and when they visited neighbors. They were sentenced by Hejian City Police Department to five years and three years respectively, and were detained at the Tangshan City Jail and Shijiazhuang City Jail respectively. Their teenage daughter had to be left at home by herself.

Hejian police recklessly trampled the law, intruded into a private house, and plundered private property

Ms. Zhao Xueying, 31 years old, is a teacher at Hejian City's No. 2 school and used the standard of a practitioner to strictly discipline herself. She lived alone with a five-year-old daughter. Around 10:00 p.m. on December 6, 2006, the deputy director of the police department Song Hejing, political and security section head Zhao Tieqiao, and dozens of police officers intruded into her home. They didn't have a warrant but still conducted a search. They snatched her salary card, 1200 yuan in cash, home appliances, Dafa books and other personal belongs. Despite the weeping and wailing of the five-year-old child, they arrested Zhao Xueying, who is being detained past her term by Hejian City police.

Only because they practice Falun Gong, several peasant women were arrested again and again

For practicing Falun Gong, several practitioners were arrested by officials from their respective township police stations without any reason and taken to the Hejian Police Department. After a hunger strike for seven days to protest their persecution, they were sentenced to one year and eight months of forced labor. When Tangshan City Forced Labor Camp refused to accept them, Hejian police extorted 2,000 yuan from them and then released them.

Practitioners Liu Fengnu and Li Xinhuan were arrested without any reason by Beishicao Police Station on February 28, 2007. Electric batons were used to shock them at Hejian Police Department.

In the evening of April 30, 2007, practitioners Chen Shuwen and Wang Xiaofen were arrested without any reason by Longhuadian Township Police Station head Tan Qingwei. After being detained for 40 days at Hejian Detention Center, they were released due to lack of evidence.

In the evening of June 4, 2007, practitioner Dong Qiuying was arrested by Hejian Police Department's third patrol team policemen Gao Bin and Li Chao, and was taken to the detention center. The political and security section head Zhao Tieqiao ransacked her home. Presently she is detained with practitioner Zhao Xueying.

Practitioners in Shucheng Township and Beishicao Township severely persecuted

Practitioners in Shucheng Township and Beishicao Township suffered the most severe persecution. Almost all of the practitioners who spoke out for Falun Gong were imprisoned, detained, or fined.

Shucheng Township practitioner Ma Genyuan was arrested three times without any reason. When asked for the reason for his arrest, the answer was: "For practicing Falun Gong." Nearly 19,2000 yuan was extorted from him.

Longhuadian Township practitioner Chang Hongyong was arrested three times and detained for more than one year.

Beishicao Township practitioner Hu Shengman was imprisoned in the township government several times and imprisoned at the police department detention center for eight months. After being fined 2,000 yuan, he was sent to the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp. After 48 days of hunger strike to protest the persecution, he was released when he was nearly tortured to death.

Yan Ying, Gao Shuangyun, and others were arrested and abused by the police from Hejian Police Department political and security section. They were sentenced to forced labor from five years to eight years. Now they have been detained at Shijiazhuang and Tangshan jails respectively.

During the last several years, more than one hundred Falun Gong practitioners have been persecuted. According to incomplete statistics, authorities have extorted more than 400,000 yuan from Falun Gong practitioners in Hejian City.