1. Zhoukou Health School Principal Li Wenzhi Dies in Traffic Accident

Li Wenzhi, principal of Zhoukou Health School, Henan Province, craved for greatness and success. He coveted power, money and lust. The school's financial base, once strong, accumulated enormous debt under his years of leadership and, at one point, was unable to pay staff salaries, inciting complaints. When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started persecuting Falun Dafa, Li Wenzhi actively supported the CCP by slandering and persecuting Dafa practitioners in the school in order to hide his guilt and maintain his position as principal.

Li Wenzhi had not only several illegitimate lovers, but also an illegal second wife in her twenties, who gave birth to his baby girl. On his way back from visiting his young daughter in Xiang Cheng (at the end of 2002), Li Wenzhi was killed in a car accident involving a merchant truck.

2. Political and Security Section Head of Zhoukou Public Security Division, Wang Yide, Suffers Paralysis

Wang Yide, former Political and Security Section Head of Zhoukou District Public Security Division, is in his fifties. During his tenure, he was secretly the prime culprit in persecuting Falun Gong. Beginning April 25, 1999, he sent police units to secretly videotape practitioners at various Falun Dafa practice sites. After July 20, 1999, he planned and directed the persecution. He proudly said, "You see, Gao Feng and Li Yuzheng (Head of Chuan Hui District National Security Police Station) make arrests and give out fines, people are afraid of them. I determine how far they can go."

Soon after his actions began, Wang Yide suffered a stroke. One day, he reported a Dafa practitioner distributing truth clarification materials at a train station, resulting in her arrest. A few days later, Wang's illness worsened, and he has since been paralyzed and confined to bed.

3. CCP Branch Secretary of Niu Yin in Chuan Hui District, Ding Zhengtai, Dies of Liver Cancer

Ding Zhengtai, CCP branch secretary of Niu Yin Village, Nan Jiao, Chuan Hui District, used various unethical methods to generate profits for himself during his term. His evil deeds nurtured contempt and disgust from local villagers. In August 2005, Ding Zhengtai reported Dafa practitioners Xu Yulian and her daughter to the authorities, leading to their arrest and detention by Gao Feng, chief of Sha Nan National Security Police Station, along with other police units. Twenty days later, Ding Zhengtai suddenly fell ill. He was diagnosed with late stage liver cancer and visited large hospitals in Zhengzhou, Beijing, and other places, spending hundreds of thousands of yuan, looking for a cure. Ding died of illness in a strange land, both his wealth and his life lost. His own brothers said, "He reported good people; he paid for it."

4. Police Liu Dou from Sha Nan Police Branch Bureau, Zhoukou, Dies of Stomach Cancer

Former police officer Liu Dou, from Sha Nan Police Branch Bureau, Zhoukou, was in his sixties. He frequently made obscene comments about the founder of Falun Dafa and worked with political and security police to illegally search Dafa practitioners' homes, confiscate property, impose fines, kidnap, insult, brutally beat, and imprison them. He was particularly skillful at confiscating property and leaving no corner unsearched. He would stealthily steal any money or valuables he fancied and ruthlessly destroy Dafa books, tapes, videos, and other materials when performing these searches. Dafa practitioner Li Fanggui was reported by Liu Dou and was consequently imprisoned for more than one year. Liu Dou retired in 2002, at the end of which year he suffered suffusion of blood on his brain and had to have an operation. He suffered hemiparalsis after the operation and could not speak clearly. He was later diagnosed with and died of stomach cancer.

5. Zhou Guojia from Yong Guang Residents' Committee, Chuan Hui District, Dies of Liver Cancer

Zhou Guojia, the CCP secretary of Yong Guang Residents' Committee, Chuan Hui District, was in his forties. He played an active role in the bloody persecution against Falun Dafa by the CCP. He recorded, monitored, tracked, and "transformed" Dafa practitioners in the district one-by-one. Police officer Li Yuzheng and others traveled south to illegally arrest Dafa practitioners working outside the district; Zhou provided twenty thousand yuan for their travel expenses.

Zhou Guojia was diagnosed with liver cancer in late stages during a physical checkup in 2000. He went to Beijing, Shanghai and other places in search for a cure, received a partial liver transplant, and spent more than three hundred thousand yuan. All of this failed to save his life, and Zhou died in excruciating pain before the Mid Autumn Festival in 2006.

6. Tai Kang Detention Center Political Committee member Wang Qinlin's Violent Death

Tai Kang Detention center Political Committee member, Wang Qinlin, had practiced Falun Dafa before July 20, 1999, when he joined the CCP's side in persecuting Dafa. Fellow practitioners tried to convince him to come back to cultivation, but he refused to listen and threatened them, "My cultivation will fail. I will not let your cultivation succeed. You are now in my hands. Watch how I will punish you." He monitored Dafa practitioners day and night to try to incriminate them. When his evil side showed up, he would brutally beat Dafa practitioners. He himself directed the illegal arrest of many Dafa practitioners and used torture to extort confessions from them.

During that time, Wang's car rolled over on four separate occasions, and he almost lost his life. One night, he went out of town and patronized prostitutes. On his way back, his car rolled over into a ditch by the road, resulting in a broken arm. Despite this, he was still not awakened and willfully clung to his reckless course. Wang Qinlin retired in 2002 and died suddenly in the summer of 2003.

7. Deputy Director Zheng Heping of Shen Qiu Police Station Dies in Traffic Accident

Zheng Heping, female, was the Deputy Director at Shen Qiu Police Station. Since July 20, 1999, she operated and directed police to illegally search Dafa practitioners' homes and confiscate property at will, impose heavy fines, arrest, and imprison them. She gave permission for police to brutally beat, insult, and use instruments of torture on Dafa practitioners.

In October 2001, Zheng Heping was involved in a traffic accident during her business trip to Zhengzhou. It was said that she was buying surveillance equipment to conduct wire tap on Dafa practitioners' phone lines. Zheng Heping was killed instantly, while six other passengers in the same vehicle escaped unharmed.

8. Police Office Tang Dongfeng of Shen Qiu Zhan Bei Police Station Suffers Necrosis

Tang Dongfeng, a police officer of Shen Qiu Zhan Bei Police Station devoted himself fully to the CCP as a tool to persecute Falun Dafa. He frequently harassed Dafa practitioners living in his area of jurisdiction. When Tang harassed Dafa practitioner Ms. Wang Xiayun at her home, Wang clarified the truth and tried to convince him to do good deeds instead, which Tang refused. He called the Political and Security Brigade, with which group of policemen he brutally beat Wang Xiayun and detained her at the local jail for persecution. Wang Dongfeng soon suffered necrosis of the femoral head.

9. Li Songshan of Xiangcheng First High School Dies in Bathroom

Li Songshan, deputy director of Xiangcheng First High School, has long been exposed to CCP culture. He was defective in telling between good and bad, insulted Dafa, and harassed students.

In the spring of 2004, Li Songshan organized several activities, including collecting signatures, to slander Falun Gong. Under his pressure and instruction, innocent students and teachers committed wrong doings of against Dafa and have their future in danger. On the morning of October 18, 2004, he died suddenly while brushing his teeth.

10. Luyi Court Deputy Director, Rong Shijie, Dies Under Majong Table

Rong Shijie, the deputy director of Luyi Court, ruthlessly persecuted kindhearted Dafa practitioners in order to protect his personal interests. A Dafa practitioner from Dancheng was illegally arrested while distributing truth clarification materials in Luyi. He was tried by Rong, who obeyed the orders of the CCP and the 610 Office and sentenced the practitioner to nine years imprisonment, despite the fact that Rong knew that the practitioner's actions were not illegal according to the Constitution.

Rong Shijie met his demise while playing Majong at an acquaintance's home, when he suddenly fell down under the Majong table during conversation, gasping for breath.

11. Li Degong of Huaiyang Jail and Wife Attacked by Own Dog

Li Degong, assistant discipline coach at Huaiyang Jail, was in his fifties and lives in Chen Village, west of Huaiyang. He possessed a tyrannical temper and actively coordinated with the CCP to persecute kindhearted Dafa practitioners. He is especially ruthless when persecuting poor Dafa practitioners from the countryside.

Li Degong raised a large, fierce dog to guard his house. At around 8 o'clock on August 24, 2002, dark thunderstorms loomed over Huaiyang. A series of lightning and thunder frenzied Li's dog. It broke loose from its chain, ran into Li's house, and bit Li Degong and his wife.

12. Sun Jian and Two Relatives at Zhoukou Transportation Company Die of Illness in Same Year

Sun Jian, chief of the deputy division of the Security Division of Zhoukou Transportation Company, was in his forties. He was willing to serve as the paw of the CCP, ruthlessly persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. In early 2002, Sun Jian reported Dafa practitioners Jin Xiufen, Han Shizhen, and Cao Fengying, who worked at the same company, to police. The three Dafa practitioners were then illegally arrested and detained.

A few months later, Sun Jian suffered violent liver ascites. Medical treatment was unable to save his life, and Sun Jian died at the end of the year 2002.

13. Wang Guoyou at West Da Street of Zhoukou Dies after his Body Putrefied

Wang Guoyou, who lived on West Da Street in Chuan Hui District, liked to play clever, but evil, tricks. He believed in lies spread by the CCP, slandered and insulted Falun Dafa, and laughed at Dafa practitioners who appealed for the justice of Falun Dafa.

At the beginning of the persecution against Dafa, Wang Guoyou went to his mother's residence one morning. Wang saw a couple practicing Falun Gong in the backyard of a bungalow nearby when he looked down from his mother's balcony. Wang quickly plotted to use other people to kill the practitioners. He sneaked into a newspaper office and found an old woman who expressed her hate for Dafa and caused mischief. He secretly told her what he just saw. The gossip immediately called the police and reported the Dafa practitioners, who were arrested illegally and detained.

It has always been true that good deeds are rewarded, while bad deeds are punished. Soon, Wang Guoyou suffered astrange illness. His body putrefied, piece by piece. He found no medication that could ease his excruciating pain; residents nearby could hear his screaming every day. Three months later, Wang Guoyou died in pain. The old lady who participated in this plot also paid for her misdeeds; a pot of boiling water spilled over her arm, and her arm festered for half a year.