(Clearwisdom.net) During the past few years, some practitioners have been discussing paying attention to safety as an aspect of negating the old force's arrangements. Other practitioners think that as long as we maintain strong righteous thoughts, we can fundamentally negate old force arrangements, and that those who talk about safety have an attachment to fear and are utilizing human means to prevent the evil persecution. Some practitioners have said that even when one is holding strong righteous thoughts, one also needs to pay attention to safety, and that this adds another layer of protection. The above two opinions look upon "strong righteous thoughts" and paying attention to safety as separate issues or in opposition to each other. Some have even said, "Practitioners with strong righteous thoughts usually do not pay attention to safety. Those who pay attention to safety usually don't have strong righteous thoughts."

In my understanding, "having strong righteous thoughts" includes paying attention to safety. Thus, a practitioner who has strong righteous thoughts must also have paid attention to safety.

Let's think about what having strong righteous thoughts means. Aren't our righteous thoughts derived from the Fa? Having strong righteous thoughts means one's thoughts all conform to the Fa without human attachments. However, we all cultivate in human society so human attachments will continue to arise. Practitioners who have strong righteous thoughts do not conform to human thoughts; instead, they judge the thoughts and make their decisions from the perspective of the Fa. From this standpoint, paying attention to safety does not mean using human methods out of fear or self-protection. Instead, it should conform to Dafa.

Master has told us to maximally conform to ordinary human society while cultivating. We are cultivators on the path to godhood. Master has bestowed upon us mighty divine powers that have been effective in validating Dafa, and we have shown the world many divine deeds as well. However, all of these are manifestations of the power of the Fa; they are not our own intentional performance. Our behavior should conform to principles of ordinary society. Thus, it is not that safety measures are unnecessary. It is, instead, that they should conform to behavior in ordinary society.

Although one's behavior conforms to everyday society, one's mind is not within it. This is similar to our utilizing ordinary means to clarify the truth. Our goal is to validate Dafa, save sentient beings, and fundamentally negate the evil and all its arrangements. This negation is derived from the Fa, which comprehensively functions from the most microscopic level to the surface.

If we do not pay attention to safety on the surface, then we leave loopholes for evil to take advantage of. This does not conform to the Fa. Dafa is perfect and indestructible. Dafa is also coherent and complete, from the highest level to the lowest level. Therefore, if some aspect is not doing well on the human level, it can not be counted as having strong righteous thoughts. In other words, a practitioner with strong righteous thoughts is one whose mind and behavior completely conforms to the Fa, and at the same time is very rational and pays attention to safety.