(Clearwisdom.net) From the evening of June 22, 2007, to the early morning of June 23, 2007, nearly 100 people from the state security office and police stations headed by the Macheng City 610 Office in Hubei Province, broke into practitioners' houses all over the city. The police ransacked homes, confiscating property and arresting practitioners after climbing over walls and breaking down doors.

According to police reports, 19 practitioners, including Ms. Shi Xuefeng, Mr. Liu Xin, Ms. Li Jingni, Mr. Bai Zijian, Mr. Liang Xia, Ms. Dong Shuzhen, Ms. Xie Qiongying, Mr. Hu Zhongming, Mr. Zhu Yuhua, Mr. Yi Xingxiang, Mr. Luo Xianbao, and those whose first names and gender are unknown Lu, Tian, Ding, Yu, Dai, Zhu, Hu, and Fang, were arrested. Additionally, three practitioners refused to cooperate and avoided arrest. Mr. Bai Zijian's wife did not cooperate with the police and was beaten unconscious several times. The beatings only stopped after the neighbors had been awakened and came over to condemn the police. These people also confiscated five computers, five printers, and other personal belongings.

When the police arrested Mr. Liang Xia, they confiscated his cellphone, motorcycle, computer, and bank certificates without documenting them. When they arrested Mr. Liu Xin, four police vehicles were used and 10 to 20 people came. Without ever showing their IDs nor identifying themselves, they surrounded Mr. Liu's house and rammed the door until it was completely destroyed.

When policemen arrested Mr. Yi Xingxiang, they first climbed the wall and entered the yard. Then they broke into the house using the ram-rod. When Mr. Yi asked them to show him their identification, they ignored him. During the whole process, head officials from the police department were there orchestrating the entire proceedings. When Falun Dafa practitioners Mr. Yi and his son defied them, the head of police department (also the secretary of political and judiciary committee) and other two deputy heads of the police department went to Mr. Yi's house and talked about the "reason" why they had come at midnight to arrest people.

To all those kindly people and organizations who uphold justice, please help appeal for the release of these detained practitioners.

Head of the Macheng City 610 Office Luo Zisheng (male): 86-713-2951252(Home), 86-7138563952(Cell)
Huang Shaokui (male), the deputy head of the Macheng City Police Department, in charge of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners: 86-713-2992858, 86-13100746528(Cell)
Li Jiede (male), the head of the Macheng City State Security Section: 86-13872031199(Cell)

Zhang Yihong (male), the secretary of commission for inspecting discipline: 86-713-2919204, 86-713-3829966, 86-13986569779(Cell)
Li Xueliang (male), the head of police department: 86-13508651198(Cell)