(Clearwisdom.net) Since 2002, Falun Gong practitioners have suffered relentless persecution at the Lanzhou Women's Prison. The tortures include: slave labor, confinement, hanging, sitting on small stools, shocks with electric batons, freezing, and other abuses. Falun Gong practitioners are forced to do work from 5 o'clock every morning until midnight; some have to work until 4 o'clock or even 5 o'clock the next morning. Every practitioner is assigned a work quota that they could never finish. They are fined and beaten when they do not finish the assigned work.

In July of 2003, most of the practitioners were confined and handcuffed. Yang Xiulian, sixty years old, was hung up because she did the Falun Dafa exercises; another practitioner was confined and hung up for three months in the winter because she refused to recite the jail rules. The guards opened both the front and back doors, letting the cold wind in. At 6 o'clock in the morning after it had snowed, the guards forced the practitioners to sit on small stools in the courtyard. They could all hear the sound of beating from the confinement room. In 2004, Tang Qiong in the second section, was beaten with batons by the guards and was sent to the confinement room. Tang Qiong went on a hunger strike until she went into a coma. Then she was sent to "Kangtai Hospital" to be cruelly force-fed.

Jiao Lili suffered brutal and inhuman treatment. In 2004, she was abused by prison guards (Ma Meiying, Hou Bei and Shan Shuli), and handcuffed to a stool around the clock for fifteen days straight. In 2005, prison guard Hou Bei beat and kicked Jiao Lili, then shocked her with a baton for several hours. One night in June, guards Ma Hongmei, Shan Shuli, Guan Yanqiong and Zhao Lei, shocked Jiao Lili with batons for several hours. They held an electric baton to her skin for a long time while shocking, causing her hair to burn. Her neck was burned and they only stopped just before she passed out. Jiao Lili was handcuffed to the water pipes at night.

Shan Siyuan was caught giving new articles to Jin Guiyu and so she was beaten many times. Then they were both handcuffed, forced to sit on small stools, put into the solitary confinement room and not allowed to sleep.

The Prison Admissions Section is the center of persecution of Dafa practitioners. It periodically broadcasts videos slandering Dafa, and brainwashes Dafa practitioners. In November of 2005, they put all the practitioners into a dark room, and did not allow them to sleep. In the forth section, Zhou Xiuying, 60 years old, He Biying, 50 years old, and Wang Yuhong, 30 years old, were all beaten up by the guards. In the sixth section, the guards adopt more odious methods, such as beating up, confining, etc. In the third section, they don't allow Dafa disciples to sleep. In order to "transform" Dafa disciples, the guards use both "soft" and "hard" methods. After torturing practitioners, guard Ma Meiying tries to trick Dafa practitioners with her fake tears.

The guards at Lanzhou Women's Prison:

The director, Duan Shengcheng; vice directors: Yu Yumei, Dai Wenqin
The head of the Prison Admissions Section, Xing; Anti-Cult Office, Zhu Xianzhong
The first Section, Jin Yun; the second section, An Qun
The instructor, Liu Ying