A group of Chinese students attending universities in New York City recently rallied against the NTDTV [New Tang Dynasty Television] International Chinese Classical Dance Competition. The end result was just the opposite of what the students hoped for. They discovered that unlike their native China, justice often prevails in the United States. Some practitioners were delighted that the rally turned into a failure, but I became worried for the students, because their minds have been poisoned with CCP propaganda defaming Falun Gong. I am also worried that truth clarification efforts to these students may have fallen by the wayside.

It has been close to a year since I left China. At the beginning, I noticed that there were no truth-clarification activities when it came to Chinese students. Yes, some fellow practitioners went to the universities to clarify the truth from time to time, but it really didn't seem to make much of an impact. There are many universities and some of them are rather popular and well known even back in China. These are the places where one finds many students from Mainland China. At some universities, there are over 1,000 of these students.

I visited a few universities. I rarely saw any truth-clarification material. At the time, I didn't feel comfortable associating with local practitioners. I wondered, "Why are there no truth-clarification materials at those campuses?" After I thought about it calmly, I decided that Teacher arranged for me to come here and see this. I understood that this was one of the tasks I needed to undertake.

I contacted a few practitioners and we teamed up. We targeted our truth clarification efforts toward Chinese students. We spend close to two months visiting around 40 universities in a particular city and surrounding areas. I learned how many of my countrymen were there and where they studied. Then, I put the Chinese language Epoch Times and other truth-clarification materials at places where the students could easily find them. I decided if I have extra time, I would clarify the truth face to face and help them with the "Three Withdrawals."

Below find the methods we used in our truth clarification efforts.

1. At first, we confirmed that there were Chinese students at the university we visited, and how many of them were at each university.

2. Based on our experience, Chinese students mostly are found in the following locations:

  1. International student apartments: this is where the majority of the overseas Chinese students live.

  2. Regular student apartments: some overseas students live in the residence with local students.

  3. Language Education Centers: most Chinese students have to study the language after they arrive. These is the place where on can find a large number of Chinese students.

  4. Library: Chinese who wish to study can be found in the library.

  5. Budget rental places that are located close to the University: As there are not enough student apartments at some universities, or because the rent is too high, some overseas students and their friends share a place off campus.

  6. Cafeterias, restaurants, convenience stores close to popular university housing areas. Here one finds students because they have to eat and go shopping for what they need.

3. Take the Chinese language Epoch Times, Minghui Weekly, and Overseeing the World regularly to these apartment buildings, language centers, libraries, restaurants and convenience stores. But, do not forget to ask for permission to leave these materials at these places. At my location we produce a weekly Chinese language Epoch Times. Therefore, we go to these universities at least once a week. There are many security guards at the library and apartment buildings, as well as teachers at ESL (English as a Second Language) schools, owners of restaurants and convenience stores who will help. With their help, our paper reached safely the hands of these overseas Chinese students' although we were not there. We need not be afraid that these papers would be destroyed by Chinese students who are not clear about the truth.

4. Handing Out Flyers and Clarifying the Truth. We distribute truth clarification materials outside language schools when classes are over. We find many Mainland Chinese students outside language schools. Handing out the newspaper or the Nine Commentaries achieves a lot. We can also clarify the truth at the same time and help with the "Three Withdrawals." We also go to residences to clarify the truth in person. Even though many residences appear to be inaccessible, I think there is nothing in this world a practitioner could not overcome.

5. Collect information on activities held by overseas students at any of the universities. Then clarify the truth during these activities.

6. Just as other truth-clarification work, clarifying the truth to overseas Chinese students is a continuous process. Only by keeping at this truth clarification effort can we achieve good results. I think that someone who reads the Chinese language Epoch Times only once may swear at it, but after reading this paper for six months, he/she most likely will withdraw from the CCP and has a correct understanding towards Falun Gong.

7. We divided into different truth-clarification groups, each visiting different universities. We exchanged what we had learned and improved. Therefore, our truth-clarification work has improved quite a bit.

Some fellow practitioners have mental barriers towards clarifying the truth to overseas students:

    1. They don't realize that the number of Chinese students is large and that this is an excellent opportunity to clarify the truth. Therefore, they ignore this group of people during truth clarification efforts.

    1. Some practitioners consider these Chinese students deeply poisoned; therefore they have an attachment of fear.

    1. Some practitioners think that their educational level is low. Therefore, when talking to people with bachelors, Master or Ph.D. degrees, they lack the confidence needed when clarifying the truth.

    1. Some middle aged and senior fellow practitioners think that clarifying the truth to students should be done by young practitioners, because of the age difference. They think that they have nothing in common with these students. Therefore, they have a hard time communicating with them.

    1. Some local practitioners, due to the fact that they don't speak Chinese, mistakenly think that clarifying the truth to Chinese students is the responsibility of only Chinese-speaking practitioners.

Six months have passed, and even though there are still many Chinese students who refuse to accept the truth-clarification materials, and who don't understand us, we indeed made quite a difference. There are many overseas students reading every edition of the Chinese language Epoch Times. Because of that, many Chinese students came to understand the truth of Falun Gong, the "Three Withdrawals," the arts Group and the New Tang Dynasty TV Station. After they understood the truth, some of them discuss Falun Gong issues with their Chinese friends, some of them watched performances by the Divine Performing Arts Group, some quit the Party, some began to subscribe to the Chinese language Epoch Times website and NTDTV and some of them told all they had seen and heard to their friends and relatives in China over the Internet and the telephone. They became living media. A few days ago, I went to a university. The minute I walked through the entrance, a Chinese student asked me for our newspaper. Over time, I became friends with these Chinese students.

For the past few years, Chinese students have arrived everywhere throughout the world and their numbers have doubled. This is without doubt the best opportunity to tell the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution. Even though some of them have been poisoned deeply, I believe if practitioners outside of China will participate in these truth clarification efforts, we will save more Chinese overseas students. They will understand about the lies they have been told, as well as the deceit and evilness of the persecution. They will be able to walk into the new era of mankind.