(Clearwisdom.net) The authorities at the Harbin City Women's Jail in Heilongjiang Province employed what they call "drill practice" as their primary means of torture in persecuting incarcerated Falun Dafa practitioners in 2003. Dafa practitioner Lu Yingchun has been illegally detained in this jail for five years, and has often experienced this "drill practice."

Head of the 3rd Ward (formerly the 5th Ward) Wu Yanjie and Tao Shuping directed the corrections officers to drag Dafa practitioners outside and force them to squat in the freezing cold every morning from 5:30 to 6 a.m. After breakfast every practitioner was dragged to the top floor of the main jail. There they were subjected to many torture methods for extended periods of time. Practitioners were handcuffed to a steel column and shocked with electric batons set to maximum voltage. Tao Shuping cuffed and kicked Lu Yingchun. They commanded prisoner Wang Yubo to shave the practitioners' hair in what they called the "ghost hair style."

On the third day of the "drill practice," November 26, 2003, officer Sun Lisong took off Zhu Xiumin's and Lu Yingchun's jackets and dragged them to the cold and drafty entrance to freeze them. Corrections officers and their criminal collaborators wore gloves and two insulated jackets each, but still some of their faces, hands, and feet were injured by the severe cold, yet the Dafa practitioners were allowed to wear only a shirt or a thin sweatshirt.

At the time there were seven Dafa practitioners held in solitary confinement. Police poured cold water on the cement floor and forced Dafa practitioner Du Guijie to stand barefoot. They told her she could put her shoes back on after the floor dried. There was no heater and most of the practitioners' clothes had been taken away, so they had very little to wear and were kept frozen and starving.

Officer Sun Lisong shoved Dafa practitioner Zhu Xiumin to the floor and stomped on both of her feet. Sun tied both of Ms. Zhu's hands and hit her fingernails, neck, and ankles with small sticks, breaking her nails. Her fingers were so swollen that she couldn't bend them. They had no water and very little food, and at 4 p.m. they were dragged to a jail cell and forced to squat in the hallway until 2 a.m. They were tortured this way every day for two to three weeks.

The first day two Dafa practitioners who were subjected to the "drill practice," Zhang Chunjie and Li Ping, were beaten by officers Wang Liang and Yang Zifeng until they blacked out with blood covering their faces.

Convicted murderer Liu Wenge kicked Dafa practitioner Li Bingqing and broke her rib.

Dafa practitioner Gu Yarong was confined in solitary for a long time and hung from her wrists handcuffed behind her back, causing numbness and loss of motor control in her right hand.

Convicted robber Wang Daiqun scrubbed Dafa practitioner Li Qingzhen's mouth with a bathroom brush.

While in "drill practice" Dafa practitioner Xu Xianping was tortured so badly that she suffered hemorrhaging, causing her to black out from the loss of blood. Her life was in such grave danger that she was sent to a hospital outside the jail, and her vital signs were so weak that she had to be given a transfusion. All the while the authorities at the jail blocked all news of her condition.

Wang Daiqun, Luan Shumei, Li Mei, Liu Yumei and several others tortured Dafa practitioner Yang Xiuhua. She was locked in a single small cell. Convict Wang Daiqun dug his fingers into Ms. Yang's eyes, boxed her in the ears, punched her in the chest, and kicked her in the lower body. While Ms. Yang was in "drill practice," Wang took off all her clothes, leaving her with only underwear and a single jail-issued garment. Yang was locked in a workshop bathroom on the fourth floor, where she was forced to squat for a long time. A criminal opened the windows to let the cold wind in to freeze her.

Jail authorities organized an "Attack Team" in order to force the practitioners to give up their beliefs. Practitioners weren't allowed to sleep for twenty-four hours. Eight criminals took turns attacking one Dafa practitioner at a time, beating and cursing them, using every torture method they could think of until they "transformed." They did this under orders from Xu Longjiang and Liu Zhiqiang.

The cruelest officers were: Tao Shuping, Li Xiaoyu, Qiao Lina, Sun Lisong, and Cheng Xiuyan, Jail Investigation Division Head Yang Libin, and male officers Yang Zifeng and Wang Liang and four or five other policewomen whose names are unknown.

The most ruthless inmates who participated in the persecution include: Wang Yubo, Wang Daiqun, Dan Guixiang, Luan Shumei, Li Mei, Liu Yumei, Liu Wen'ge, Lu Shuwen, Xin Shumei.