(Clearwisdom.net) I was one of the many who attended the seventh series of Master's lectures at Jilin University in Changchun city on April 29, 1994. Even though there were additional students in the seventh series, Master never minded the hard work and gave a lecture both day and night. I attended the lecture in the evenings.

I reside in a county neighboring Changchun. It takes more than two hours to drive to Changchun. I had car sickness ever since I was young. As the years went by, liver, kidney, nerve, and gynecological diseases accumulated in my body. I was weak. Usually there weren't any places on my body that felt good. While riding in a car I would get very dizzy, and sometimes vomit foamy blood. The doctor said my stomach lining was damaged.

My younger sister helped guide me while I was suffering from heart conditions. The car ride to Jilin University that day was a miracle. I was carrying so many sicknesses and yet I still was not carsick. However, my heart was still in bad condition, but being in the car didn't aggravate it. Now I realize that this was all the result of Master's compassionate care.

After arriving at the hall, my sister helped me into the auditorium. During the first lecture, Master asked the students to stand up before the lecture started to cleanse their bodies. When Master waved his hand, I felt a cool and comfortable sensation in my chest near my heart, and I felt that it was immediately free from illness. It didn't feel bad as I no longer feared to exercise. It felt like it was back to normal. After the lecture was over, I could walk by myself.

After the ten lectures, I walked like the wind, and my whole body felt light. My heels couldn't reach the ground when I walked. It was like someone was pushing me on. When I did housework I didn't feel tired at all. I felt I had tireless strength. I was two different people before and after I attended the classes.

What happened to my body was the direct validation of what Master said in Zhuan Falun,

"...you will feel like your whole body is energized, and when you walk it'll be like treading on air. Before, maybe you'd get tired after just a short stroll, but now it's a breeze no matter how far you go. When you're riding your bike it feels like somebody is giving you a push, and you don't get tired no matter how many stairs you climb. I'll guarantee it."

Through subsequent studying of the Fa, I realized that when I wasn't ill prior to the lectures it was because Master was already guiding me. Before I even entered the lecture hall my body was already being cleansed. That was why prior injections and drug treatments didn't take. It wasn't real sickness, how could any treatments work?

I had heart diseases ever since I was in my 20's. As I grew older, with heavy housework, illnesses continued to accumulate in my body. I constantly battled liver pain, inflamed kidneys, back pain, cervical illnesses, and abdominal pain. Sometimes I would bleed, other times I had severe psychosomatic problems like insomnia. I felt dizzy and had bad headaches and poor memory. Every day I felt I was in a life and death battle. It was too painful to even speak about it. It was especially hard that the heart diseases made me feel ill in the still of midnight. When that happened my face turned yellow, and my heart beat shortened. I asked myself if I would die, and if there would be a tomorrow. That's was how severe my heart disease was. If I hadn't attained Dafa, my life wouldn't have lasted very long. It was Master who purified my body. Master made me free of disease and feel light. Master saved my life, and gave me a second one.

I am now already in my mid 60's. However, I give people the impression that I'm much younger. My body is in great condition. After practicing since 1994, I haven't needed any medicine. I try my best to do what Master has asked Dafa disciples to do.