(Clearwisdom.net) The Fifth Section of Gangbei Jail in the city of Tianjin is a place used specifically for detaining and torturing Falun Dafa practitioners. The prison guards smile deceitfully on the surface, but behind the scenes, they instigate criminals to torture Dafa practitioners.

Zhang Shilin is the head of the Fifth Section. He has been torturing practitioners for many years. The method he usually uses is to have various criminal inmates, including gangsters, rapists, and robbers besiege Falun Dafa practitioners. With Zhang's lead, guards of this section constantly pressure criminals into committing crimes against practitioners.

Every time new criminal offenders arrive in the section they are forced to watch the so-called "Tiananmen 'Self-Immolation' Incident" film that is filled with lies. Guards use the film to stimulate each criminal's evil thoughts against practitioners. In addition, guards also suggest that these criminals use any methods at will to torture and brainwash Dafa practitioners.

When practitioners clarify the facts, the guards become very scared and incite the criminals to torture practitioners both mentally and physically. Some methods used are as follows:

1. In an isolated room, a group of criminal inmates besiege practitioners and loudly read brainwashing propaganda materials.
2. Practitioners are forced to sit on very small and low stool with ashtrays on top of their heads.
3. A group of criminal inmates take turns and loudly curse Dafa practitioners in an attempt to demoralize them.
4. A group of criminals slap practitioners' faces, punch them in the chest, and kick practitioners in the stomach. One or more take turns beating practitioners.
5. Confine one practitioner in an isolated room and constantly torture this practitioner.
6. When practitioners protest with a hunger strike, the prison guards brutally force-feed them.

Should a practitioner get information out to the public about being tortured, or should family members become aware of the practitioners' situation and try to protest, the prison guards will immediately state as an excuse that "they were not aware of the situation." The prison guards also pass the blame to the criminal inmates and promise to "punish the inmates who used violence." In addition, they use all kinds of methods to prevent family members from exposing to the public the true situation in the Fifth Section.

On some occasions, some criminal inmates who have been used as tools to torture practitioners, said that everything they did was under the direction of the prison guards and against their own wills, and that they really did not want to insult or hurt Falun Dafa practitioners.

May 25, 2007