(Clearwisdom.net) From the process of rescuing fellow practitioners previously I saw the importance of the power of one body. Two practitioners disappeared and we were unable to determine whether they really got into trouble. We only knew that they failed to return home that day. The practitioners in the area notified each other to send forth the righteous thoughts to support these practitioners. About three days later someone found out that they were detained at the Shifang Detention Center. We had a small scale sharing after learning the news, mainly about how to rescue the two practitioners.

At the meeting the practitioners shared their respective understandings. Most of the practitioners thought that at this time when the Fa-rectification is in the final stage, the dark minions and rotten ghosts were not worthy of testing Dafa practitioners, even though they had omissions. Teacher once said that even if an everyday person shouted "Falun Dafa is good" he would protect him/her, let alone we who are Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioners. This was not something that we had to bear. Though the practitioners might have this or that omission they should not be persecuted by the evil rotten ghosts and should be released unconditionally. Therefore, the practitioners decided to go to Shifang Detention Center to send forth the righteous thoughts nearby, increase the times of sending forth the righteous thoughts, and help the detained practitioners to strengthen their power. We all put our cultivation energy and supernormal powers into play and sent them to the place where the practitioners were detained to help them to suppress the evildoers. At the same time we encouraged the two practitioners' families and practitioners to go to the Shifang Police Department to request their unconditional release.

We concentrated all our efforts in rescuing the practitioners and did not think about the consequences. We asked of ourselves that we study the Fa well and send forth the righteous thoughts well because we knew everything was Teacher's arrangement. I still remember about four days later one practitioner came to ask me if our righteous thoughts were playing any role, since the practitioners still had not been released. I replied that we needed to look inward ourselves to see whether we really firmly believed in our Teacher and the Fa. At the critical moment why would we even question whether our righteous thoughts were playing a role? Teacher said it would be ineffective if we had doubts about it. We practitioners then realized our own shortcomings and very quickly returned to the righteous thoughts of firmly believing in Teacher and the Fa.

In rescuing practitioners we must act as one body without any omissions and eliminate any negative concepts. Even though some practitioners are not enlightened to certain things we should not complain about it. We must have great aspirations while minding minor details, preserving the good part while removing the bad, and putting into full play our supernormal Buddha powers to restrain the evildoers and save the sentient beings.

In rescuing the fellow practitioners there were things that were not satisfactory. As one example, when I went to see them the practitioners' families were stamping their feet with fury, did not give me any chance to speak, and said many things disrespectful of Falun Dafa. At the time I had only one thought--to treat them compassionately because they were everyday people and did not understand Falun Dafa. The families certainly knew we were helping them, but they were everyday people and had a side that could not understand the truth. Facing the practitioners' families I kindly told them that their family member (the practitioner) only wanted to be a good person and was trying to save the sentient beings who did not know the truth of the persecution. I told them that Falun Dafa was good and the practitioners had done nothing wrong, so they should treat their family member well. I tried to enlighten their compassion and encourage their righteous thoughts. However they were either flaring into rage or treating us indifferently. I understood their sentiments and was not sure about the consequences if they went to request the release of the practitioners.

I was the coordinator in rescuing the practitioners. I found that I had things that I had failed to enlighten to and had times when I was in fear. The mother of a detained practitioner had stronger righteous thoughts than I did. She demanded, "You release my daughter! I need her to take care of me." When the police asked her to persuade her daughter not to practice Falun Gong she said, "After learning Falun Dafa my daughter has never suffered from any illness, and she became more filial toward me. She was in poor health before and now she is in very good health. What's wrong with Falun Gong?" The mother's righteous thoughts helped me to strengthen my righteous thoughts. At the time, one practitioner who was beside me asked the policemen if they had beaten the practitioners. One policeman said that they did not beat the practitioners. He looked angry when he said it. It seemed that he was not speaking the truth. If they really did not beat the practitioners he should not be angry like that. I saw a couplet on the door, The horizontal scroll bore the message, "Winning the Popular Support." I said to the policemen with a smile, "If you want to win popular support you must treat the practitioners kindly. They are the best people in the world." At the time the policemen were rendered speechless. Then they said they were not at work and asked us to return in two days' time. Two days later we returned to request the release of the practitioner with the mother of one of the practitioners. However, we still did not see the practitioner. The detention center authorities only showed the older lady a photo of her daughter.

No matter what happened we did not slack of a bit in sending forth the righteous thoughts. On the contrary we increased the times of sending forth the righteous thoughts. We have been firm in believing in Teacher and the Fa. We also went to send forth the righteous thoughts close to the detention center, posted banners, and handed out the truth-clarification materials. Some practitioners even put the materials and banners near the detention center. We will continue to do this until the practitioners are released. This is our experience in rescuing fellow practitioners.