Wind blows a satellite antenna to the correct position to receive NTDTV signals

Before the Chinese New Year, many practitioners tried to install satellite receivers in order to watch the NTDTV 2007 Chinese New Year Spectacular. A practitioner installed the satellite receiver, but no matter how he tried, he couldn't point the antenna correctly to receive the satellite signal. Then a burst of wind came and made the antenna turn just a little bit. Suddenly the satellite signal was being received. He was finally able to watch NTDTV.

An Intelligent Mobile Phone

A practitioner has a mobile phone that seems to posses human intellect. It is set to play an alarm around 12:00 midnight for sending forth righteous thoughts. When the practitioner is found to be sleeping at that time, the alarm keeps ringing. But if the practitioner is awake at that time, the phone will not play the alarm.

A mobile phone started working again after practitioner sends forth righteous thoughts

A few days ago, a practitioner's mobile phone screen became so blurry that the text on it was hardly legible. No matter how he adjusted it, the phone just didn't work properly. Suddenly the practitioner thought of sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference. He did that for less than a minute and then turned the phone on again. The phone was back to normal

May 23, 2007