(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Li Jifeng is a Falun Dafa practitioner in Beipei District, Chongqing City. In May 2003, she was arrested. In February 2004, she was illegally sentenced to eight years of imprisonment. She has been detained at the Yongchuan Women's Prison for a long time where she suffers persecution of both her mind and body. Li Jifeng was tortured to the point of mental collapse. The following is what Li Jifeng endured:

On May 28, 2003, police from the Beipei District Police Department arrested Li Jifeng and took away her Dafa books and other truth-clarifying materials. They also confiscated about 7,000 yuan cash from her home and other personal property, including a computer. To date, the police department has not returned these items. The police sent Li Jifeng to the brainwashing class in the Beipei Party School. Li Jifeng refused to tell them any information about the truth-clarifying materials production site and other fellow practitioners. She did not cooperate at all, so the police from the Beipei District Police Department hung her up and beat her for a long time. She was brutally tortured in both body and mind.

In August 2003, she was transferred to the Beipei District Drug Rehabilitation Center because she had persisted in her belief and had not been "transformed". The evil guards in the center often incited drug addicts to beat her and did not allow her to eat.

In November 2003, Li Jifeng was transferred to the Beipei District Detention Center. The guards incited other inmates to beat her and did not allow her family to visit. Li Jifeng's 80-year-old mother asked for visiting rights many times. The vicious guards refused all of her requests without explanation. Long-term persecution in body and mind caused Li Jifeng to have a mental collapse for a period of time. She was not given effective treatment; instead, the guards and inmates laughed and cursed at her.

In September 2004, Li Jifeng was illegally sentenced to eight years of imprisonment. In the court, Li Jifeng firmly resisted the persecution and denounced their lawless actions.

In December 2004, Li Jifeng was sent to the Chongqing City Women's Prison. When she arrived at the prison, she firmly refused to wear a prison uniform, recite prison regulations and report to the prison guards. Consequently, the guards incited criminals to beat her and ordered her to stand still for a long time.

In the past two and a half years, from being illegally arrested to being detained in the women's prison, Li Jifeng has been detained in the newcomer team. The guards tried all means to "transform" her. They tortured her physically and mentally in order to destroy her will and shake her righteous belief in Dafa. However, they did not accomplish their goal at all.

Now, the guards incite inmates to monitor Li Jifeng around the clock. They try to force her to listen, read and write words that defame Dafa. Every day, she undergoes brainwashing until midnight, and she is forced to get up at 5 a.m. Li Jifeng is detained in a cell and cannot go out of the cell without permission. She must ask guards for permission to use the toilet, brush her teeth, eat and wash dishes. Otherwise, she is cursed, beaten and punished, such as standing still for a long time. When her family visited her, the guards sat nearby and took notes. They do not allow her to tell the true situation in the prison. Otherwise, the prison will not allow her family to visit her.

The guards of the Chongqing City Women's Prison who assist in persecuting Dafa practitioner Li Jifeng:

Huang Li, Liao Yanmei, Hou Ying, Wen Hongmei, Sun Zeping, Sun Zebin, Luo Xiaoyan, Chen Jie, Li Xiaojuan, Xu Yonghong, Zhou Jingyi