(Clearwisdom.net) I obtained the Fa in September 2006. When I first started cultivation, I met a practitioner who had cultivated for much longer than I who told me that I needed to be serious about sending forth righteous thoughts (SFRT). But I only knew the importance theoretically. I tried to SFRT several times but did not feel anything. I did not have enough righteous thoughts. Since I was not able to see anything through my celestial eye, I had doubts about the effect of SFRT. In fact, I felt quite foolish doing it, so I stopped.

I was engaged in some truth-clarification activities. It went alright at first. I would meet people online, tell them the facts about Falun Dafa, and then send them some electronic documents. As time passed, however, everything seemed to change when I was clarifying the truth to people. Many responded in an unpleasant way, and some even used bad language. I was merely using an ordinary person's mindset to ponder whether there was anything inappropriate in what I was saying. I studied psychology in college, so I always tried to persuade people using my psychological knowledge. Then I would tell myself not to be angry but to endure. After getting off line, I thought about what had gone wrong. Was it because I was doing things based on some kind of attachment and was lacking righteous thoughts? At the time I had not studied the Fa enough, so I thought: "Let it be. As long as I am doing what I should be doing, and doing the right things, Teacher will protect me." As such, I was clarifying the truth using ordinary people's notions and bravery.

Until one day I was really cursed out by someone I met online. I was so hurt by the person's harsh words, which previously I would have been able to endure even as an ordinary person. I realized that I had some serious problems. My chest ached, similar to the kind of chest pain I had endured when feeling hurt sentimentally. My reasoning told me: "This is not right. With my current state and mind power, I should not be feeling physical pain simply due to these sharp remarks."

After I got off line, my eyes also started to suffer; they were droopy as if too tired to stay open. However, whenever I maintained a state of tranquility and thought about Teacher, for a moment my eyes became clear immediately, but then they went back to falling shut again. I realized I was being interfered with by the evil.

The second day I encountered a more veteran fellow practitioner in a chat room who told me very candidly that I should SFRT when clarifying the truth. I knew it was Teacher who was reminding me by sending the fellow practitioner to help me. My eyes cleared up during our chat. Right at this moment, someone sent me a message through QQ asking to talk to me. I very naturally felt that I had righteous thoughts at that moment. I asked if the person wanted to read some material about the truth of Falun Gong. The person very quickly responded affirmatively (unlike previously when people would usually ask what the truth-clarification material was and whether there would be a virus, causing me to do a lot of explanation before sometimes being declined). This time, the other person did not say anything after the materials were sent to him, unlike previously when people would ask a lot of questions and then would take it for granted or respond with vicious language.

This was the first time I experienced how it felt when having righteous thoughts. However, I still did not take it seriously to SFRT at the four set times for sending righteous thoughts globally. I only sent righteous thoughts in a hurry before I started truth-clarification activities. As a result, the effect was sure to be poor. After some time, I encountered a slew of problems when logging on to my mail box one time. Naturally I was sending righteous thoughts, telling the mail box to not interfere since the mail box was used to clarify the truth and save sentient beings. The problems went away immediately. This time I realized that I have certain powers.

One morning I suddenly became wide awake. I thought to myself that I should send righteous thoughts. After SFRT I suddenly started to wonder if I had said the wrong formula during SFRT. I was really unsure if it was the correct sentence that we were supposed to say. I even went to consult a veteran practitioner and asked if I had said the wrong words. The practitioner sent me the website that contained the SFRT formula together with pictures of Teacher modeling the lotus hand position. The practitioner also told me that I should SFRT on the four set hours. I realized that it was the bad elements causing me to become doubtful that I had forgotten the correct words, because these bad elements were afraid of being eliminated. Thus, I realized that it was time to eliminate them.

After that I started to SFRT on the four hours with everyone else. I also started to use the music device that previously a fellow practitioner gave me which had the music for SFRT. At the beginning I did not know anything. I thought something was wrong with the music; how could it suddenly stop. Then I was told that the music was specifically designed for SFRT. Now that I know this, I can control the time during SFRT.

Also, previously I would download some software from the Internet, only to find that the software could not be opened for use. After sending forth righteous thoughts, all downloads became successful. There was also a time when I downloaded Teacher's lecture in WORD format in order to print it. But I was not able to open the document, so I dropped the matter and went on to other things. In the evening I thought it over again: How can this be? I am a disciple of Teacher; I need to study Teacher's teachings. How can I not able to open the document? The second day, everything was fine.

Another point: sometimes when I was sending righteous thoughts early in the morning I would fall asleep. That was because I did not put my heart into studying the Fa, or I did not study the Fa during that period. As long as I set my heart down, subdued my various thoughts and studied the Fa effectively, no matter how late I got to bed, the next morning I would be wide awake.

After sending forth righteous thoughts I feel that my mind is very clear and sharp, and that a lot of bad stuff has been gotten rid of. During the first week of SFRT on the four exact hours, coldness kept seeping out of my body and I always felt very chilly. But I did not feel cold when I slept. In fact I slept very soundly. Later I would feel very warm when sending forth righteous thoughts. In short, the bad elements in me have become less and less.

I am sharing this minor experience with my fellow practitioners. What I want to say is that as long as we are diligent in studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts, any apparent disturbance, any attachment and karma will be exposed and later eliminated. This way we can do better in clarifying the truth and in saving sentient beings. It can also enhance our personal cultivation. Teacher asks us do the three things well, none of which should be ignored.