(Clearwisdom.net) In China, whether in the community of cultivators or among non-practitioners, xin (trust) has always been widely advocated. If a person can be trusted or has xin yong (credit), others will trust, socialize, befriend, do business, or cooperate with that person.

Recently, one of my friends told me a story. He had just opened a retail store, and his business partner told him, "You can come to my warehouse and take the merchandise for your store anytime. Take as mush as you like, it does not matter when you pay me. I know a lot about you Falun Gong practitioners. You don't even pick up money when you see it on the ground and you return extra change when you receive too much. Where can such good people be found? So, I will not worry about anything. Just come and get whatever you need."

My friend said, "Your trust in practitioners is an example of the mighty virtue of Dafa. Still, I will pay you on time."

The businessman continued, "If everyone practiced Falun Gong, the saying, 'No need to lock the doors at night, and no one picks up what is lost on the ground' would become a reality. Society would become good."

My friend replied, "That's right."

"The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) hasn't done anything good. It doesn't even allow people to practice such a good practice. It sends practitioners to jails and labor camps. I've heard that there are practitioners that are beaten to death. This Party really turns things upside down and does not distinguish good from bad. Only the CCP could do such stupid things. It won't last long." The businessman expressed many of his feelings.

My friend said, "You are right. There are many practitioners detained in the labor camps. The CCP does turn things upside down. It persecutes practitioners of Falun Gong and people no longer trust the CCP. It really won't last long. 'Once you lose the people's trust, you lose the power' is a traditional Chinese teaching."

"If you cannot be trusted, you will no longer be recognized." Obviously, whether it is a person, a group, or a political party, when it can no longer be trusted, it cannot survive. The CCP persecutes people with righteous beliefs. How long can it last?