(Clearwisdom.net) Every Dafa practitioner has a moving story about their individual cultivation. With another World Falun Dafa Day upon us, I would like to share a moving story that was told to me on a little side street off South Wufeng Street in Jiayi City, Taiwan.

One day, I heard about an accident that had happened to another Falun Gong practitioner, Mr. Xiao. I hurried over to see him. He was sitting down, his arm wrapped in gauze and bandages. His wife was next to him, and their two children were playing nearby. Under the setting sun, Mr. Xiao told me about the changes he's seen in his family since they started practicing Falun Gong.

"I could not believe that my wife suddenly humbly asked my Dad not to be upset." Mr. Xiao said, as he told me the story that took place more than four years ago. "I was shocked, since I never expected that my wife would do that. But since that day, my father has completely changed his attitude towards us."

Mr. Xiao's mother passed away when he was only four years old. Later, his father remarried and Mr. Xiao had two more younger brothers from his father's second marriage. Mr. Xiao's father was in the business of manufacturing janitorial equipment. When Mr. Xiao and his brothers were older, they started working in their dad's factory.

"I always knew our family had a complicated arrangement. About a dozen years ago my wife joined this complex family," said Mr. Xiao. Later, he and his wife took over the business from his dad, and his brothers opened a store which sold janitorial equipment.

For reasons unknown, Mr. Xiao's dad was never very friendly with his wife. When his wife greeted his father, she was often not well-received. Furthermore, Mr. Xiao's dad often scolded his wife for no apparent reason. Sometimes, he even scolded her in front of their neighbors. His wife felt she didn't deserve the poor treatment, and started arguments with her father-in-law. For nearly ten years, the couple lived in an environment where they were constantly quarreling with Mr. Xiao's dad.

"My wife and I were very distraught during that period. Four years ago, I caught my dad taking merchandise from the factory. In fact, I knew he had been doing this for a long time, taking the merchandise and giving it to my brothers to be sold. I was very angry with him, but my dad insisted that he had the right to do it and we must not accuse him. I started arguing with him, which further aggravated the problem. Suddenly, my wife humbly asked my Dad not to be angry with me. I was shocked by my wife's unusual behavior."

From this point on, Mr. Xiao's family situation changed completely.

Mr. Xiao was puzzled by this incident. He later recalled that several months earlier, his wife had started inviting others to practice Falun Gong at the local school's playground. He thought that since then, the arguments between his wife and his dad occurred less frequently.

Mr. Xiao said, "Finally one day, my wife invited me to participate in the 'Nine Day Seminar'. Out of curiosity, I went with my children."

After the "Nine Day Seminar" Mr. Xiao started practicing Falun Gong. He gradually began to understand the Fa and why his wife ceased arguing with his dad. With his deeper understanding of Falun Gong, Mr. Xiao realized that all his interpersonal conflicts had predestined reasons, and his own xinxing was gradually being raised. He would not quarrel with his dad, regardless of how his dad unjustly accused him. Mr. Xiao said, "I tried my best to remain unperturbed. I realized that each conflict is an opportunity to eliminate my attachment and karma. Gradually, my dad stopped blaming and scolding us, and the whole family situation changed for the better. One day, my dad mentioned to my wife that I had changed a lot."

Mr. Xiao strove harder to improve his xinxing and to study the Fa diligently after further experiencing the splendor and magnificence of Falun Gong. "After a practitioner's mindset changes, his outside environment also changes. You know, our janitorial equipment business is a lot of hard work. We often do the packaging at night, and then deliver to customers during the day. After I started practicing Falun Gong, I felt myself handling complicated business tasks with ease. Regardless how busy it is, I can set aside enough time to study the "Fa," do the exercises, and participate in Fa-validating activities. Everything has changed for the better. Come to think of it, I should thank my dad for getting me to practice Falun Gong."

Mr. Xiao has now been practicing Falun Gong for nearly three years. He raised his arm wrapped in the bandage, and continued telling me what happened.

"Several months ago, I rented another space near the factory as an addition to our factory. Three weeks ago, just after the hurricane had passed, I climbed up to the roof to see what needed to be repaired. I wasn't expecting that the whole roof was badly damaged, and when I stepped out I fell right through the roof. I dropped about one story, my body rotated once and hit the ground on my left shoulder, and I could not speak for nearly ten minutes. My body hurt all over, but I still managed to get up by myself. I told myself that I must endure the pain. I kept on repeating, "Falun Dafa is good" while reminding myself that I was a Dafa practitioner, and that everything would be fine. But the moment I fell, I wasn't really thinking like a practitioner. I did not realize this until later.

"I then called my wife and she took me to the hospital. The doctor examined me and told me I had broken a rib as well as my left shoulder blade. The doctor advised me to stay in the hospital for further treatment. I had difficulty breathing normally, and it hurt even to sneeze. The first day I just lay on the hospital bed, and it was so painful that I could not even get off the bed. On the second day, I started playing the exercise music. It was the music for the second exercise, Falun Standing Stance. I could only raise my right arm, as my left arm could not be raised. The hospital patient next to me was very curious, watching me as I did the exercise. He asked me what I was doing. I told him that I was practicing Falun Gong, and he followed along with me. I felt a lot more relaxed after the exercise.

"I stayed at the hospital for two more days, and went back home by myself on the third day. The doctor told me to keep my arm in the cast to protect the injured shoulder blade, but I did not use it. Even though I could still felt a little pain around my chest, I am fine now. I know it was Master who saved me."

While Mr. Xiao talked, his two children sat next to his wife and were listening attentively. Mr. Xiao's wife said, "Dad said he might have suffered a serious injury and could need a long recovery period. Yet my husband started driving the truck and delivering goods to customers on the third day. It was Master who saved us, and Falun Dafa brought prosperity and happiness to our whole family."