(Clearwisdom.net) On June 17, 2007, Falun Gong practitioners from in and around the state of Wisconsin attended a cultivation experience sharing conference in the city of Madison. Nine practitioners shared their experiences.

Flora shared her cultivation experience in China. She was young and her mother had to push her to read the Fa and do the exercises. After her mother was arrested, she learned how to do it on her own. She said that she doesn't feel lonely in America, because Dafa has been protecting her.

Mr. Wang shared his experience of calling Chinese people and convincing them to quit the party. He said that making phone calls to China is also a process of cultivation, because one must have compassion and righteous thoughts.

Maureen and Grace shared their experiences of holding an "Organ Harvesting Forum". Grace said that she felt a lot of pressure at the beginning, but later she realized that as long as she had righteous thoughts, Master will help her. The forum was very successful. Many people attended it and many of them signed the petition to support practitioners. Grace said she sensed Master's compassion during the process. Maureen shared her experience of how to collaborate with fellow practitioners to break through the old forces' interference.

Tina and Sharon, two new practitioners, shared their experiences. Tina started doing Dafa projects soon after she obtained the Fa. After doing the projects for a while, she started to slack off, because she thought she had done much. Later, she realized it was her attachment. She said Fa-rectification cultivation helps her get rid of a lot of attachments. Sharon said she had predetermined relationship with Dafa. She found answers to all of her questions in Dafa. She also described the changes to her body and how she handles relationship with people around her.

Mr. Yang from Chicago shared his understanding of the Fa and how to improve himself from the Fa. He obtained the Fa in 1995. At the beginning, he didn't pay enough attention to studying the Fa. Once he mailed a copy of Zhuan Falun to his son in China. Two months later, his son replied: "You did a good thing. But your enlightenment quality is too poor." His son said that because he mailed some other qigong book with Zhuan Falun the same time. Since then, Mr. Yang started reading the Fa more and improved his understanding of the Fa.

Several practitioners from Chicago also attended the conference.