(Clearwisdom.net) Overly liking to eat is my bad habit in ordinary life, and it is unknowingly very deeply rooted. Every day after work, no matter if I'm hungry or not, I eat some snacks and fruit, and I spend 20-30 minutes snacking. When there are foods that I like a lot, such as sweets and dried fruit, I cannot stop eating them, and I even may be late for the first five minutes of sending forth righteous thoughts. I would suddenly notice that it was already 6 p.m. and run to my room to send forth righteous thoughts. When I look back, I realize that if I used that time spent eating to study the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts, or clarify the truth, that would result in so many more people learning the truth and so many more sentient beings saved!

After looking inward, I found a strong desire for tasty food, especially attachments to sweets, fruit, or dried fruit. If I still do not pay attention to my eating attachment and cannot cultivate my xinxing, then this attachment to food could even block my path towards Consummation. Cultivators eat for filling the stomach and sustaining a life to cultivate in the ordinary society, not for satisfying a desire for tasty food. Greediness about tasty food is connected to leisure and comfort, and it will certainly weaken a cultivator's will. There is an old saying that a full stomach and a warm body causes one to begin to have lustful thoughts. Being too attached to food can cause bad desires to arise. Therefore, I am determined cultivate away this attachment to food, and truly reach a state of "Cultivate until not one attachment is left,..." ("Cultivating in a Maze," Hongyin).