(Clearwisdom.net) Master stated in "Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference:"

"when Dafa disciples around the world send righteous thoughts together at the same time, the power is boundless. So, if each person had been able to handle this matter with very strong righteous thoughts and been doing it very well from the beginning, then perhaps there would be no evil remaining now. It's precisely because many practitioners have been interfered with by one thing or another that it hasn't been done well."

From this Fa teaching, Master compassionately and seriously pointed out our shortcomings. I am ashamed and sorry as a Dafa disciple that we did not do well sending forth righteous thoughts as Master asked us to do..

I recalled when I first began sending forth the righteous thoughts that I couldn't truly send forth strong righteous thoughts. I only did it for ten minutes (five minutes to clean my own dimension, five minutes to send forth righteous thoughts). During those ten minutes I had numerous distracting thoughts and could not relax. My body tensed up while sending forth the righteous thoughts, and I felt tired. I was in this state for a while. After exchanging experiences with fellow practitioners, we all felt that in order to achieve the goal of eliminating evil, we should increase the time. We increased the time to 20 minutes. Even at that I still had difficulty with many distracting thoughts.

Looking at myself, I have been cultivating for ten years. Even though I kept talking about doing the three things well, I actually paid attention only to clarifying the truth and studying the Fa. (I did not learn the Fa well regarding sending forth righteous thoughts.) I neglected sending forth righteous thoughts because it manifests in another dimension which I could not see or feel. Many fellow practitioners feel similarly, so as a result, the evil still exists at the current time. Particularly in areas like Tianjin, officers have arrested many practitioners, which has brought loss and a negative influence to our Fa rectification group. This is because we did not do well what Master assigned us, did not completely eliminate the evil, and let the evil take advantage of our loopholes.

After I studied Master's "Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference" and several Fa lectures regarding sending forth righteous thoughts I woke up. Suddenly I realized how important it is to send forth righteous thoughts. The old forces exist in another dimension even though we cannot feel or see them, but if they are not eliminated, they will directly instigate the people of the world to commit crimes against Dafa practitioners. It is just like when Master helps us eliminate our karma. Master eliminated our karma in other dimensions, so we no longer have "illnesses." It is the same issue. We should not indulge the evil in "the other dimensions."

Once I realized this, I quickly changed. I increased the time and intensity of sending forth righteous thoughts. Besides the global Dafa practitioners' scheduled four times daily, I also send forth-righteous thoughts towards the Beijing area on every hour to completely dissolve the evil beings and rotten demons. I also added Changchun to my list after learning that over ten practitioners were arrested there. I send forth righteous thoughts according to the different areas and different situations. When I am sending forth righteous thoughts, I remember:

"You should focus your attention and your effort, your mind has to be absolutely clear and rational, the force of your thoughts needs to be focused and strong, with an air of supremacy and of destroying all evil in the cosmos." ("Righteous Thoughts")

After one month of sending forth righteous thoughts around the clock, I feel the result has been good, and the strength of eliminating the evil strong. I easily achieve the state of ding and feel the energy field is strong. I feel that the more I eliminate the evil the more power I develop. Sending forth righteous thoughts has become part of my daily life. No matter what I do, I send forth righteous thoughts at every hour and resume my work after. (In special circumstances, I send forth-righteous thoughts with mind intent.) I had to watch the clock in the past and was afraid I would miss the time to send forth righteous thoughts. Now it is different. I know whenever it is time. We are the Dafa disciples of the Fa-rectification period. We should all pay close attention to Master's criticism, because we did not do well regarding sending forth righteous thoughts, so the evil still exists and carries out evil deeds, and has delayed the course of Fa-rectification. This is not the fault of one or two people. Our entire group causes it. If each one of us can understand the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts, face this task with righteous minds, carry out our responsibilities, pay close attention, and eliminate our shortcomings and catch on, I think it will not be long before the evil will be completely eliminated.