(Clearwisdom.net) Master asked us to completely negate everything of the old forces in his teachings. I did not understand what "completely negate" meant or how to "completely negate" them during my cultivation. While listening to the Fa today, I understood something new. I would like to share it with my fellow practitioners and will look forward to your merciful corrections if there are any errors.

It was the existence of my fear that blocked me from understanding the Fa and completely negating everything of the old forces. From time to time, I had some unrighteous thoughts while validating the Fa. I knew that I should clear them away with righteous thoughts, as they indicated my fear of being persecuted by the evil old forces. I realized that this fear was actually an indirect acknowledgment of the old forces.

Master said, "...matter and mind are one and the same" ("The First Talk" in Zhuan Falun). When we fear being persecuted by the evil old forces, are we in a sense, asking for it? Hasn't it occasionally become reality? Why did we ask for it? What would such an attachment lead to without the divine power bestowed by Master of sending forth righteous thoughts? I understand now that it is critical to detach ourselves from fear. When we do the three things that Master has asked of us, we are completely negating everything of the old forces.