(Clearwisdom.net) Before Chinese New Year's Day in February 2007, Ms. Li Guiping, a Falun Gong practitioner from Beijing, shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is good!" during a large assembly for the entire Beijing Women's Prison. Afterwards, she was detained in the "Intensive Training Center" for more severe persecution. For more than four months, Ms. Li has been denied any legal rights to see, write and call her family. Li Guiping went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention and persecution by the Beijing Women's Prison. In turn, the prison recently spread rumors and threatened her family members; one of the rumors claimed that Li Guiping had attempted suicide.

In a similar fashion, practitioner Dong Cuifang was persecuted to death by the Beijing Women's Prison. When Ms. Dong was beaten and tortured to near death, the guards also incited a person to fabricate the following claim: "Today we conducted a heart-to-heart help and education session for Dong Cuifang and discovered that she had a tendency for self-torture and suicide."

After her hunger strike, Li Guiping was emaciated and in weakened health. Her family members continually called the prison requesting basic legal rights for visitation, correspondence, telephone conversations, and full disclosure of Li Guiping's circumstances in prison. However, because of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) training and orders, the guards in the Beijing Women's Prison have completely lost their human nature and paid no attention to Ms. Li's hunger strike and to her family's requests. The persecution of Ms. Li continues and her situation has not improved.

Huang Qinghua, Magistrate of the Eighth Prison District, and guards from the "Intensive Training Center" have said to Ms. Li's family members, "We are a civilized prison with humanitarian management. We will not beat or torture her." However, these same officials have viciously said, "This time her problem must be fundamentally solved." Anyone familiar with the CCP's ruthlessness would have no difficulty recognizing the hidden murderous intentions behind those words. In CCP prisons, Falun Gong practitioners are not treated as human beings; practitioners are arbitrarily mistreated and killed at will. People are very concerned about Ms. Li's situation. The smokescreen of the "suicide attempt" put up by the Beijing Women's Prison is meant to cover up the evidence of brutal torture and killing of Falun Gong practitioners and to deny responsibility.

According to guards from the Beijing Women's Prison, in early March Li Guiping once again shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is good!" twice during another large assembly for the entire prison. The following April, the prison reduced by more than 50 percent the number of Falun Gong practitioners allowed family visits.

We appeal to Falun Gong practitioners and people of justice worldwide to pay close attention to Li Guiping's situation. We demand that the Beijing Women's Prison stop the persecution of Ms. Li, and return her freedom of belief and basic human rights.

Personnel who participated in the persecution of Li Guiping:

Beijing Women's Prison: Zhou Ying, Li Ruihua
Magistrate of the Eighth Prison District: Huang Qinghua
Women's Prison Training Center Guard Officers: Yang Xiaodong, Hao Yuan and Hui Gang

Beijing Women's Prison Address:
3 Runhe Lane Huifeng St.
Qingfeng Road of Tiantanghe of Daxing District
Beijing, China 102609