(Clearwisdom.net) At 10:30 a.m., April 25, 2007, Ms. Li Ben, an employee of the Transportation Team of Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau, was arrested at work. The Deputy Director of the Sartu District Police Department, local policemen Wang Song and Zhou Jingzhou, and a plainclothes policeman broke into Li Ben's office guided by Cheng Jing, Security Section Chief of the Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau, Zheng Yuming, Security Section Director, and Ta Huailiang, Party Secretary of the Transportation Team. They lied to Li Ben, telling her to go with them to check something out. When Ms. Li refused to cooperate, they dragged her out of the office. Li Ben yelled for help and tried very hard to get out of their control. Policeman Wang Song handcuffed her hands behind her back roughly. She was physically jostled downstairs by two policemen holding her arms on each side, forcefully pushing her upper body down. She was pushed into the back seat of a black sedan with a policeman on each side. The plainclothes police officer took her handbag.

When she was abducted to the Sartu District Police Department, a policewoman searched her whole body, including her shoes. Around 12:00 a.m., local police officers Wang Song and Zhao Jingzhou took her to a basement to interrogate her. She was forced to sit in an iron chair, with her body and two feet shackled to the chair. Four policemen took her house key from the handbag and went to her house to ransack it with the help of two others.

Li Ben, a Falun Dafa practitioner, is 38 years old. She worked at Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau in 1996. After practicing Falun Gong, her moral standards upgraded. She is a good person, well thought of by neighbors and colleagues, caring little about fame and gain, and treating everyone with compassion. She was very diligent and responsible with her duties and had no complaints. After her mother passed away, she brought her grandmother to live with her because she needed to be taken care of and supported. Many of her relatives were touched by her act. The persecution of Falun Gong brought Li Ben's family one disaster after another.

On June 22, 2000 she was arrested for visiting a fellow practitioner. She was detained for fifteen days even though she was pregnant at the time. After her release, her company leader sent her directly to a brainwashing class, ignoring the fact that she was pregnant. She was forced to watch TV programs defaming Falun Dafa. She was also forced to do work like cutting glass and crystal under the hot sun. Because she refused to give up Falun Gong, in August 2000 she was fined 5000 yuan, dismissed from her job and put under surveillance by the company for one year. A family member was forced to pay a bond fee of ten-thousand yuan for her. (The money was returned later.) She was denied the right to work for two years. In 2002 she was finally allowed to go back to work as a cleaner in the Transportation Team. In 2003 her husband divorced her due to the pressure resulting from the long-term financial and mental persecution. Li Ben lived with her eighty-year old grandmother and young daughter.

When the police came to her house, they could not open the door using the key. The grandmother refused to open the door for strangers. Policeman Wang Song went to the kindergarten and intimidated and deceived Li Ben's six-year old daughter into coming to open the door. Police ransacked the house in front of the frightened grandmother, the child, and neighbors. They took away a computer, printer and CDs.

Three or four policeman then took turns interrogating Li Ben, who was tied to an iron chair from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The police attempted to fabricate evidence. Li Ben refused to cooperate and told them the truth about Falun Gong. At 6:00 p.m. the Deputy Director who ordered the arrest and ransacking came in and questioned Ms. Li cruelly, saying, "Where is the CD writer?" Another policeman scolded and insulted her, and defamed Falun Gong and Master for three or four minutes. He threatened her when he was leaving, saying "We will take care of you later."

Li Ben was tied to the cold iron chair for sixteen hours, from 12:00 p.m. on April 25 to 4:00 a.m. on April 26. It was freezing at night. She was so cold that she could not help shivering. The handcuffs cut into the flesh of her wists. They turned purplish-black and were very painful. Around 4:00 a.m. Li Ben used her chance in using the restroom to escape through a window.

A policeman from the Sartu District Police Department waited at her house to catch her. Her salary was withheld. Li Ben became homeless because she could not return to her house. Her young daughter has lost a mother's love, and her elderly grandmother has no one to take care of her. They cannot survive by themselves and have been taken in by relatives. A happy family has been broken apart under the CCP's persecution.

Phone number of related people (area code 0459):
The Daqing Branch of the National Security Bureau
Lin Zhisheng, director: 86-459-6181231(office), 86-459-6688448 (home), 86-13604651999 (cell)
Wang Xiyan, Party Secretary: 86-459-6181232(office), 86-459-4611878(home), 86-13904591292(cell)
Daqing City Police Department
Cao Liwei, Director: 86-459-6371699 (office), 86-13384595678(cell)
Cao Zhenghe, Political Commissioner: 86-459-6107789(office), 86-459-6280888(home), 86-13329500001(cell)
Sartu District Police Department
Liang Shengli, Director: 86-459-4688999(office), 86-459-6509989(home), 86-13009830055(cell)
Li Zhili, Political Commissioner: 86-459-4607779(office), 86-459-4663506(home), 86-13936944444(cell)
Li Ben's relatives
Li Yihe, Li Ben's father: 86-459-5989262(home)
Li Lei & Lixin, Li Ben's brother: 86-459-5989262(home)
Xu Ruijie, ex-husband: 86-13089052085