(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Jiang Lihua, who was illegally detained at the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, should have been released on May 6, 2007. However, she was still detained in the camp until May 7, as the labor camp extended her sentence to further persecute her. Since April 12, she had been electrically shocked six times by the male guards stationed in the Training Unit. More detailed information is yet to be confirmed.

Ms. Guan Hua was tortured to disability and detained at Wanjia Hospital. Fearing that their crimes might be exposed, the policemen lied, saying that Ms. Guan Hua was taken home. Guard Guan Jie was on duty in the hospital. However, the labor camp authorities lied, saying that Guan Jie had gone for study and that they hoped whoever got this information would tell Guan Hua's family. Furthermore, in order to block the information, they did not allow Guan Hua to meet with her family from February to May because as they were afraid that their evil acts would be exposed.

On the morning of April 10, practitioners Ms. Guan Hua, Ms. Kai Hong, Ms. Mao Shuying, Ms. Feng Guirong and Ms. Jiang Lihua refused to recite the so-called regulations, and refused to stand up. In addition, recently Ms. Jiang Lihua had not worn the prison clothes, and persisted in sitting in the meditation posture and doing the exercises. On April 10, more than ten male guards were dispatched and they brutally tortured these practitioners. Ms. Guan Hua shouted out, "Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa, and Mr. Li Hongzhi is my Master!" Because of this, the male guards beat her head and pulled her out of the ward. Ms. Jiang Lihua and Ms. Feng Guirong were also pulled out. Ms. Feng persisted in sending forth righteous thoughts, and held the lotus hand gesture, refusing to wear the prison clothes or participate in the labor work. These three practitioners were forced to sit in the iron chair.

Ms. Feng Guirong was tortured in the iron chair for two days and two nights, Ms. Guan Hua for one day and one night, and Jiang Li for ten days and ten nights. In addition, they stripped off the coats of Ms. Feng and Ms. Jiang, so they were wearing just underwear. On the same day, the evildoers hung up Ms. Sun Shuxia by her handcuffed wrists, which led to the relapse of her heart disease symptoms. Despite this, they continued hanging her up. The guards who participated in these tortures were Wu Hongxun, Guan Jie, Li Changjie, Cui Jianmei and Xie Qiuxiang.

Before this incident happened, four practitioners had been forcibly detained in the solitary confinement cells. Ms. Yan Tingzhen did not recite the regulations and was forced to sit on the iron chair from February 25 to March 26. During this period, from March 15 to 17, she was forced to sit on a small stool for three days. Ms. Zhang Suqin also did not recite the regulations and declared the three statements she had previously written to be null and void. So they forced her to sit on the iron chair for three days beginning February 25, and then again from March 2 to March 27. Ms. Sun Shuyun and Ms. Li Wenjun wrote a letter to the leaders of the training unit, requesting the cancellation of the three statements. Therefore, on March 19, the guard Wu Hongxun deceived them with the excuse of doing forced labor, and forced them onto the iron chair. They were tortured with sitting on iron chairs from March 19 to March 29. On April 2, the guards forced the four practitioners to sort popsicle sticks. For the entire morning, none of the practitioners did the labor work, and at midday guards Guan Jie and Wu Hongxun tortured them with iron chairs again. On April 9, they stopped this torture.

On April 12, the male guards took over the Training Unit and began to intensify the persecution. Practitioners Ms. Li Wenjun, Ms. Zhang Suqin and Ms. Yan Tingzhen were hung and shocked with electric batons. The guards who participated in this were Lin Haibo and Sun Qing from the Fourth Team, and Li Bing and Yang Zhaoqi from the Third Team. Practitioner Ms. Mao Shuying declared the three statements she had written to be null and void, and was thus hung and shocked with electric batons. The guards who participated in this were Lin Haibo and Sun Qing.

On April 16, over ten male guards brought out test papers and answer keys that slandered Falun Gong. Ms. Mao Shuying did not answer them, using the excuse of not knowing how to read. So guard Wu Hongxun beat her about the face. They pulled out Ms. Guan Hua, hung her up, and shocked her with electric batons. The guards who participated were Sun Qing and Li Bing. Guan Hua was tortured to the point of being disabled, and has not returned home until recently. Furthermore, the guards blocked this news from getting out. We hope that those who know Guan Hua can contact her family and appeal to the higher authorities. Ms. Guan Hua was a P.E. teacher at the No. 64 Middle School in Dongli District, Harbin City. Since torturing and disabling Guan Hua, the male guards have retreated from the Training Unit.

In late April, to affix Mao Shuying's fingerprints on the three statements paper before her release, they restrained her in the iron chair. Wu Hongxun tied her neck tightly with a rope, and four people held her and took her fingerprints. This shows how the CCP forces Dafa practitioners to "sign" the three statements.

At around 8:00 a.m. on May 3, collaborators Chen Lili and Suo Lanying beat Ms. Jiang Lihua with brooms, forcing Ms. Jiang to shout for help. Chen Lili and Suo Lanying, headed by collaborator Li Yingxu, helped the guards to cruelly torture Dafa practitioners, which made the situation at the camp more vicious. When the higher authorities came to inspect, Li Yingxu forswore herself and said that they did not invoke any corporal punishment on the practitioners. When the practitioners held the lotus sitting position or read the Fa, they would report on them, playing a very vicious role that added to the persecution.

At present, some practitioners from Heilongjiang Province are still deluded by collaborator Li Yingxu, and come to see her once a month, bringing money and goods to her. Nevertheless, she lavishly splurges what the practitioners bring to her at the camp.

It has been reported that on May 29, the practitioners who were detained in the Training Unit and the Twelfth Division were all transferred to the Qianjin Forced Labor Camp.

June 2, 2007